Benefits of doing an apprenticeship

Ten Benefits

1Earn while you learn
2Paid holiday
3Gain specialist skills
4Gain a range of qualifications, skills, knowledge and behaviour
5Receive on the job training by industry professionals
6LMC has over 30 different apprenticeships to choose from
7NUS Apprentice Card available HERE!
8No student loan
9Excellent career progression (Link to student profiles)
10 Good relationships with employers means better job prospects


There are no bad choices here but Apprenticeships do have some advantages over classroom study and beyond that university.

You get to start your career earlier than others. You can start an Apprenticeship at 16. By the time your friends have left university, you will already have five years’ valuable work experience which will really appeal to future employers. Which are you going to choose?

You get paid!The minimum is the Apprenticeship rate which is £3.90 from April 2019 but many employers pay more than this. Now, let’s be honest, you can earn more working in fast food but with an Apprenticeship you are gaining valuable skills, training and experience that will lay the foundations for a really great career.

You can still go to university. Universities respect the Apprenticeship system and the qualifications and experience they provide. You can progress onto access courses, HNCs and HNDs or even go direct onto a university course.

An additional advantage is knowing your career choice is right for you having worked in the industry throughout your Apprenticeship. What could be worse than doing three years at uni then releasing you don’t enjoy the job you have trained for.

Apprentice Application Mornings

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From submitting an application form you will be invited to an Apprentice Application morning. The morning will include a functional skills assessment, CV writing and interview preparation plus an interview with the relevant Training Coordinator. It is a one off compulsory ½ day for all apprentices to attend, taking place every Tuesday.

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Monthly Induction to Apprenticeships

After you have been enrolled on your programme you are required to attend a one off compulsory introduction to LMC. These take place on the first Tuesday of every month in the afternoon. This will include introduction to Smart Assessor, our on-line portfolio system, and introduction to college support facilities such as the Hex and learning centre. There will be an introduction to how the pastoral support offered by LMC staff will help facilitate the apprenticeship provision plus an initial Skills Scan.

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Apprentice Forums

LMC will facilitate a forum termly to obtain LMC with some feedback regarding the apprenticeship provision and discuss any additional training requirements apprentices would like to see within our Skills Development Academy.

Tackling Inactivity

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At LMC we have a dedicated team who recognise that sport and physical activity can be extremely powerful in supporting positive social change for communities and individuals. The team believe in using sport and physical activity to improve someone’s physical and mental wellbeing; sessions are available to all learners.

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Big Chat

The Big Chat is a forum where students and staff can come to chat about anything and everything in a safe and supportive environment. Various external agencies, such as: More Music, Addaction, Sexual Health and Citizens Advice sometimes attend to give independent, professional advice. Tea and cake is offered free of charge The Big Chat is held monthly.

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Safe Drive and Stay Alive

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The Safe Drive Stay Alive campaign has become a firm fixture in the LMC calendar and is designed to reach new and pre-drivers in an emotive and hard-hitting way, influencing behaviour and attitude on the roads.

NUS card

NUS Apprentice extra

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NUS Apprentice extra, the discount card for UK Apprentices with loads of discounts in-store and online, helping your hard earned cash stretch a little further.

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Functional Skills

Functional skills form part of the apprenticeship standards, these can include English, maths and ICT.

Skills Development Academy

Download here our Skills Development Booklet!

LMC has developed a collection of ½ day taught sessions to support apprentices with their skills development. Apprentices and employers will have the opportunity to select workshops relevant to their business needs.

The Apprentice Skills Development Academy provides apprentices with fantastic networking opportunities to share ideas and best practice with apprentices from a range of businesses across of range of different sectors.

These sessions will include:

• Health and Safety in the Workplace (full day)
• Principles of Risk Assessment (full day)
• Emergency First Aid at Work (full day)
• Excel Beginners (full day)
• Excel Intermediate (full day)
• Communication Skills
• Planning and Organising Your Time
• Working as a Team
• Customer Service Skills
• Financial Understanding
• Equality and Diversity
• Understanding Marketing
• Performance Responsibility
• Social Media Marketing
• Customer Service Improvement
• Dealing with Conflict
• Self-Development
• Influencing and Negotiating
• Personal Productivity
• Organisation Culture and Behaviours
• Fit4Work
• Utilising Microsoft Word



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