Benefits of doing an apprenticeship

Ten Benefits

1Earn while you learn
2Paid holiday
3Gain specialist skills
4Gain a range of qualifications, skills, knowledge and behaviour
5Receive on the job training by industry professionals
6LMC has over 30 different apprenticeships to choose from
7NUS Apprentice Card available HERE!
8No student loan
9Excellent career progression (Link to student profiles)
10 Good relationships with employers means better job prospects


There are no bad choices here but Apprenticeships do have some advantages over classroom study and beyond that university.

You get to start your career earlier than others. You can start an Apprenticeship at 16. By the time your friends have left university, you will already have five years’ valuable work experience which will really appeal to future employers. Which are you going to choose?

You get paid!The minimum is the Apprenticeship rate which is £3.70 from April 2018 but many employers pay more than this. Now, let’s be honest, you can earn more working in fast food but with an Apprenticeship you are gaining valuable skills, training and experience that will lay the foundations for a really great career.

You can still go to university. Universities respect the Apprenticeship system and the qualifications and experience they provide. You can progress onto access courses, HNCs and HNDs or even go direct onto a university course.

An additional advantage is knowing your career choice is right for you having worked in the industry throughout your Apprenticeship. What could be worse than doing three years at uni then releasing you don’t enjoy the job you have trained for.



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