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Employer guide to apprenticeships

Supporting young apprentices: Guidance for employers

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Are you keen to develop the skills of your staff whilst they are in your workplace?

LMC offers a wide range of Apprenticeships and work related courses to help your staff develop their skills and increase their impact on your business.

Our training consultants are happy to come and talk to you about apprenticeship opportunities.

Offering an apprenticeship to someone is a great way to support individuals to either re-train in a new industry, to start a career or provide new skills to people already working within your business.

Supporting an apprentice will give your business a definite return on investment by boosting the skills of the workforce. Employers who have established apprenticeship programmes reported that productivity in their business improved by 76%.

Find an Apprentice

Finding an Apprentice is easy. At LMC we can offer you a free recruitment service to meet your needs. All you have to do is provide a job description and indicate what kind of candidate you are looking for and we will do the rest.

Recruiting an Apprentice Step by Step:

  1. Meet with one of our training consultants to discuss your requirements
  2. We will advertise the post and select a number of suitable applications for you to consider
  3. Choose the candidates you would like to interview
  4. We will contact the candidates and organise their attendance at the interview
  5. Once you have selected your candidate and organised a start date we will arrange to enrol them on an apprenticeship in their first week.

Apprenticeship FAQs

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a genuine job with an accompanying assessment and skills development programme. It is a way for people to earn while they learn gaining valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role. The apprentice gains this through a wide range of learning in the workplace, formal off-the-job training and the opportunity to practice new skills in a real work environment.

How Do They Work?

Apprentices must spend at least 20% of their time on off-the-job training, however, they may need more than this. It is up to the employer and LMC to decide how this will be delivered, either day release, block release or workshops. It must be directly relevant to the apprenticeship framework or standard. It can be covered by practical training such as shadowing, mentoring and attending competitions.

How Long Does An Apprenticeship Take?

The length of an Apprenticeship varies depending on prior skills levels of the apprentice, the qualification being obtained and industry sector. Generally, Apprenticeships take between one and three years to complete.

What Would I Pay My Apprentice?

Like all employees, apprentices must still receive a wage. The minimum wage for apprentices is £3.90 per hour. However, as skills develop, many employers tend to increase wages – in fact, research has found that apprentices earn an average upwards of £170 net pay per week.

Do Apprentices Have To Attend College?

All apprentices will attend an Introduction to LMC Apprenticeships which are held monthly for half a day. Apprentices will have options to access specific skills development sessions.

What Happens Next?

Our staff will be happy to discuss your needs, and to answer any further questions you may have. Please contact us or call 01524 521483

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