Is it for me?

If you feel that a work based learning programme is for you and are aged 16 to 24 without a full Level 3 qualification, a Traineeship might be for you.

If you have little or no work experience, a Traineeship might be for you.

Being a Trainee means you will be provided with a quality work placement in an employment sector of your choice. You will need to undertake a minimum of 100 hours on placement. You will gain quality work skills and a chance to acquire a Level 2 qualification in employability (if applicable) to aid in your progression and development. Over the course of your placement, you will work with your tutor and placement provider to develop the skills and experience you need to progress and succeed. You will also gain valuable work experience and transferable skills to improve your CV and boost your overall employment chances and aid in your progression on to an Apprenticeship or employment.

LMC Traineeships

Who are Traineeships for?

Traineeships will be available for learners aged 16-24 (including young people with Learning Difficulty Assessments up to the age of 25).

Suitable for a Traineeship Unsuitable for a Traineeship
Unemployed and have little work experience
Already have the skills and experience needed to start an Apprenticeship or find work

Motivated to work
The most disengaged young people, who require very intensive support

Aged 16-24 and qualified below full Level 3
Aged 24 plus (unless they are subject to Learning Difficulty Assessments and are aged 16 or over or under 25)
Can be ready for employment or an Apprenticeship within six months of engaging in a Traineeship Already in a job

 Traineeships at Lancaster & Morecambe College

Stan Eden Case Study

Stan moved to the Morecambe area from Buckinghamshire half way into the academic year and, therefore, needed to undertake an education or training course. It was too far into the academic year to progress onto a Further Education course, so Stan elected to undertake a Traineeship programme to provide him an insight into the world of work. 
Stan has undertaken two different work placements over the course of his Traineeship, in two completely different areas to provide him a broad work experience.
His first placement was in Retail at Motormaina, and his second placement was in Business Administration in a school office. Stan has excelled in both environments and would have been offered a position at Motormania if he could drive.
Stan has now identified his career pathway and set targets and goals for himself to achieve along the way. Upon completion of his Traineeship, Stan will progress onto Level 2 Business at LMC with his eventual aim to progress to university and undertake accountancy.
Stan feels the Traineeship programme has helped him gain an understanding of the work environment and work culture and aided his integration into his new life in the Morecambe area.