At LMC we offer Higher National Diplomas (HNCs) and Higher National Certificates (HNCs) which are Level 4 and 5 qualifications.

What is an HNC/HND?

A higher education qualification to enable you to follow a specific career.

HNCs (Higher National Certificates) and HNDs (Higher National Diplomas) are work-related higher education qualifications, which focus on practical learning. While bachelor degrees tend to focus on gaining knowledge, HNCs and HNDs are designed to provide you with the practical skills to put that theoretical knowledge to effective use in the workplace.

These qualifications are highly valued by employers both in the UK and overseas, and can also count towards membership of professional bodies and other employer organisations.

Our full time HNC courses are taught over one year. Our HND courses will take you two years to complete and are also full time. Both HNCs and HNDs are degree level qualifications; HNCs are Level 4, and HNDs are Level 5.

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For information, advice and guidance, or to apply, please phone Student Services on 01524 521237 or 0800 306 306.

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