• We provide nursery care and education for children aged 2 – 4 years.
  • If a place is not available, your child’s name will be held on a waiting list until a place can be offered.
  • To take up a place at Treetops parents need to complete a registration form and booking form and present their child’s full birth certificate which will need to be photocopied.
  • Once a place has been offered an individual induction procedure will be agreed with the parents/carers to ensure your child settles and feels secure in the nursery environment by the introduction of a key practitioner.
  • Once a place has been booked for your child/children, fees will be payable for those sessions in advance whether the child/children attends or not. You will not be charged for bank holidays and closure days for staff training.
  • One month’s notice must be given when cancelling a place.

What to bring

  • Your child’s full birth certificate and the completed registration forms.
  • Nappies, nappy cream, wipes and nappy bags if your child is not toilet trained.
  • A packed lunch and drink in a named lunch box (name on the outside) if your child is staying all day. Please inform a member of staff if your child’s lunchbox contains food that needs to be stored in the fridge.
  • Sun cream and sun hat in the summer months, clearly named please.
  • Please ensure that your child’s outdoor clothing and wellington boots are also named and weather appropriate as we encourage freeflow play.
  • It is also helpful if your child hangs his or her own coat up in the cloakroom, so they can then find their own coats when going to play outdoors.


Fees are to be paid one month in advance. These can be paid by cash or debit card in the nursery. Payment is available through the Finance office (01524 521257) over the telephone. Any extra sessions required are to be paid at the time of booking. Non -payment of fees will lead to the place being withdrawn and an administration charge levied. The early arrival or late collection of children will lead to an additional charge.

Snack money

We ask all parents to contribute £5 per term (Autumn, Spring & Summer) or where possible the full amount of £15 would be appreciated at the beginning of the academic year. The money contributes towards morning and afternoon snacks, ingredients for baking and special occasional treats.

View the full list of ingredients used in our snacks, for baking and treats

Health eating

As part of the new Common Inspection Framework children are encouraged “to keep themselves healthy” through “exercising and healthy eating”. As an Early years setting Treetops are committed to provide an opportunity to help every child eat well, enjoy a varied diet and establish healthy eating habits to follow throughout their lives. We will encourage children to sit around tables to enjoy their meals and snacks, as this will help to develop social skills and good eating habits.

View our full Healthy Eating Policy here

Sleeping during the day

The NHS recommends that children at night should have about 11 – 12 hours sleep a night. In the daytime it is suggested that a six month baby should have three hours of sleep, a 12 month old two and a half hours and a two year old should have a one and a half hour nap. Some children up to the age of three may still require a 45 minute nap.

As daytime naps or periods of resting are vital to children’s wellbeing and development we will not usually wake a sleeping child unless specifically requested by the parents in writing. Sleeping patterns will be discussed at induction and parents requested to complete the relevant agreement.

A sleeping child chart will be completed and the child will be checked regularly (maximum of every 10 minutes), parents are free to look at this if they wish to do so. Preference over sleeping arrangements will also be indicated. 


If a child is not brought to nursery on a day when s/he is normally present, the parents/carers must inform the nursery by 10.00am with the reason for the absence and the expected date of return. The nursery will contact the child’s family if an absence of more than two of the child’s sessions are missed without any contact. If the nursery has not heard from the parent/carer after five days (not including Saturday and Sunday) we reserve the right to de-register the child and offer the place to someone else. 

If for any reason (e.g. illness) a child cannot be brought to the nursery when she/he would normally be present, parents/carers are required to pay the normal fees to maintain the child’s place. Children who are unwell need to be kept away from nursery for a minimum of 48 hours and be fully recovered before returning.

Please read the Sicknes Policy for guideline as to when your child may return after an illness


Medicines can only be administered if they have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist. Treetops also has an intimate care record that can be completed to allow staff to apply creams/ointments at regular times of the day.

Our setting is linked to the Health Visiting Team at Queen Victoria Health Centre and can be contacted on 01524405712. Treetops follow the Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings as published by Public Health England.

The full documentation is available here and also available on noticeboards within the nursery.

College Childcare Fund

Help with childcare costs is available.  If you are a student at Lancaster and Morecambe College, studying 6 hours or more per week, you might be able to get a contribution towards your childcare costs whilst studying.  To qualify for help you need to be in receipt of certain benefits or if your household income is below a certain level there is a sliding scale of support available. For further details, please contact Student Money on 521469 or call in to the Hex. When a child reaches 3 years of age Lancashire County Council nursery funding will pay the nursery fees, with the learner support fund paying any excess fees for a child attending more than 15 hours per week. Two year old funded places are available in the nursery as well.

Nursery Funding and E.Y.P.P

Children become eligible to receive nursery funding the term after they become 3 years old. Each child is entitled to 15 hours nursery education per week, for 38 weeks of the year. Parents/Carers will be asked to complete a booking form when registering their child at Treetops nursery to show which sessions they require for their child each term. This will include any charges for hours above the 15 hours entitlement. From April 2014 Lancashire County Council are offering 15 funded hours for 2 Year old places. For details please read the criteria to  apply for 2 year old funding displayed in nursery or call Lancashire Family Information Service 0300 123 6712 or visit ;

From April 2015 we have been able to claim extra funding through the Early Years Pupil Premium to support children’s development and learning. The funding is available when children reach the age of 3 to close the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers. We used this funding (2015 – 2016) to host parental stay & play sessions, buy resources and provide extra sessions. If your child qualifies for the funding their keyworker will discuss ways in which we can help your child to achieve.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

“Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential.” (Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2014  5:1) Treetops nursery follows the standards required by the EYFS to promote a safe stimulating environment where children are treated as individuals and supported to reach their full potential.

A key worker will be allocated to each child introducing themselves to the parent as they start to build relationships with the child and the family. They will support the child and plan experiences which will challenge and engage both development and learning. The keyworkers will offer support and advice to parents to help support their learning at home as well. Guidance to help with children’s learning and development is available in the booklet “What to expect, when?” available from parents’ noticeboards or at

Practitioners will review children’s progress between the ages of two and three years of age and provide parents with a written summary of their child’s development. At Treetops we hold termly parents sessions where parents can discuss their child’s progress and discuss any areas of concern.

If the child attends more than one setting we will exchange information with the other provider through a home-nursery diary.

Nursery staff are always open to suggestions and there is a suggestions box in our porch should parents would like to contribute with their ideas.

Mobile telephones

The use of mobile telephones and other social media devices is prohibited within the nursery. Please ensure that anyone collecting children from nursery is made aware of this or they will be asked to switch off their devices.

Notice of absence

If a child is not brought to the nursery on a day when s/he is normally present, the parents/carers must inform the nursery by 10.00am with the reason for the absence and the expected date of return.  If the nursery has not heard from the parent/carer after five days (not including Saturday and Sunday) we reserve the right to de-register the child and offer the place to someone else.  If for any reason (e.g. illness) a child cannot be brought to the nursery when she/he would normally be present, parents/carers are required to pay the normal fees to maintain the child’s place. Children who are unwell need to be kept away from nursery for a minimum of 48 hours and be fully recovered before returning. Medicines can only be administered if they have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.

Our setting is linked to the Health Visiting Team at Queen Victoria Health Centre and can be contacted on 01524405712.

Registers and Registration

When your child first attends nursery, parents/carers will be asked to complete a registration form. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires every organization that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), unless they are exempt. LMC updates its registration with the ICO annually in February each year, for further information visit .The information on this form will be treated confidentially; the form will include your child’s name and address, date of birth, names of any person/s that may collect your child from nursery, an emergency contact number, the name and address of the family doctor, immunisation details, details of any prescription medication that your child is taking, information on infections that your child has already had and any information on allergies your child may have including food intolerances. Parents/carers are asked to sign a parental agreement on enrolment of their child in the nursery, this is confirmation that you have read and understood the information contained in this policy booklet. Children will only be allowed to leave the nursery with a parent/carer or any individual that is named on the child’s registration form. If someone turns up at nursery to take home a child and their name is not on the child’s registration form, they will not be able to take the child from nursery regardless of their relationship to the child. In exceptional circumstances a phone call explaining the situation and naming the person and their relationship to the child they are collecting will be acceptable with the inclusion of a password; however this decision is at the nursery manager or deputy managers discretion. We do have an unauthorised collection policy which will be implemented when needed.

If a child is not collected and an emergency contact cannot be reached within 1 hour of the child’s normal departure time, to safeguard the child’s well-being Children’s Social Care will be informedinformed 0300 123 6720

If a parent/carer is a student of the college we will also need details of their timetables, hours, room numbers and the course they are enrolled on, please amend these details if your timetable changes.

Visitors to nursery must sign the visitor’s book on arrival and departure from the nursery and a daily register is kept of all the children attending and will be used as part of the Fire Evacuation and Emergency procedure.

Child Protection

The nursery works within the guidelines required by Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board. Children’s safety and well-being is central to all the work undertaken by Treetops Nursery and follow the guidelines in the statutory guidance “Working together to Safeguard Children 2015”. Staff and volunteers working within the nursery will be given training and be encouraged to develop skills to enable them to respond appropriately to any situation where a child may be at risk of abuse or neglect.  The nursery has a policy in place should an unauthorised person attempt to remove the child from nursery. All staff receive safeguarding training and 3 staff hold level 2 Safeguarding officer qualifications. As part of their induction training within LMC, staff receive training to comply with safeguarding issues under the Prevent Duty (2015).  In order to protect confidentiality and to reduce a conflict of interest whilst safeguarding children, staff have been advised not to have families of children currently attending Treetops as contacts on any social media format.

Behaviour and sanctions

All areas relating to behaviour will be discussed with parents/carers. Staff will talk to the child about their behaviour as it happens and explain why certain behaviour is not acceptable. Staff will always promote positive behaviour and act as role models. Isolated incidents of unacceptable behaviour at nursery will be discussed with parents/carers at the end of the session and further guidance will be given if requested. The nursery is keen to support and actively promote British Fundamental Values and will challenge staff, children and parents in this regard. The Nursery has an Equalities Named Co-ordinator (ENCO) as well as a Parental Involvement Co-Ordinator (PICO). Nursery staff will encourage children to have respect for their peers and will lead by example. If a child’s behaviour is likely to damage themselves or another child, staff will endeavour to distract the child from the situation, giving positive praise for acceptable behaviour. If the unacceptable behaviour continues the child will be removed from the situation and staff will record incidents as they occur to identify if there is a pattern and parents informed upon collection.

Key practitioners will work with the parents/carers and other nursery staff, to put together an individual behaviour plan containing strategies for dealing with situations, and to encourage positive behaviour. All nursery staff will work to integrate the individual behavioural plan within the nursery which will be regularly updated and parents informed. Parents/carers will be encouraged to discuss their child’s progress and development at nursery at termly meetings.

Nursery may request parental permission for the Early Years Specialist Inclusion teacher to visit nursery to assess individual children’s need and parents will be informed at all stages by the keyworker, SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) or manager if appropriate.


Nursery staff do their best to maintain a happy environment for the children attending Treetops. If, however parents/carers have any concerns, the matter should be referred to the nursery manager or deputy in the nursery manager’s absence, who will respond to the problem confidentially. If the matter cannot be resolved, it can be discussed with Peter France (LMC Vice Principal) or Valerie Osborne (Student Services manager). If this matter is not resolved, a formal complaint can be made following the college’s complaints procedure. A copy of this procedure and complaint form can be obtained from the college reception or Student Services. If the parents/carers are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, they can contact OFSTED at the address below.

Peter France 01524 521355 (Vice-Principal)
Valerie Osborne 01524 521312 (College) Student Services manager

OFSTED Early Years
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD
Telephone: 0300 123 1231

Final note

We hope your child/children enjoy their time at Treetops nursery, where we aim to provide innovative and creative experiences that make the children’s learning both challenging and fun. If at any time you wish to speak to myself or any other member of the staff team, please do not hesitate, we will be happy to talk with you. If you would like a more formal meeting we will be happy to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time. (Nursery Manager) Telephone 01524 521233

‘Children are taught to be independent, confident and active in their learning, gaining skills and dispositions that support them in future learning environments.'
 (Ofsted 2014: 5)

For further details call 01524 521233

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