Before Christmas, we caught up with former LMC student, Chloe Kane, about her new life in America

Chloe studied Level 3 Sports Science at LMC and was able to sign a two year soccer scholarship at Ancilla College, Indiana after finishing her course.

We sat down with Chloe and asked her about her experiences of living and studying on the other side of the world.

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Hi Chloe, welcome back to England, how have you found living in America?

It wasn’t as different as I thought it was going to be. I’ve been living with 4 members of the team, and we all got on really well, so they became, sort of like my family over there. There two other English girls, so that was made it easier. When we got into the soccer season it became a routine of waking up, going to school, training and then playing two or three matches a week. Right up until October it was getting to around 30 degree, so at first adjusting to the weather was quite difficult, and getting used to training in that heat. The season only lasted 3 months so by the time we got started and got into it, it was coming to an end, which was a shame but it was part of the experience and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s really strange, the College is run by nuns and there is a chapel and even a graveyard on the site. It’s very patriotic over there, before every game the team sings the national anthem. We’re not expected to sing it but we have to face the flag. Some of my friends were saying that every morning they would say the pledge of allegiance and most of the houses would have flags kane

How has the team done?

We started off really well and won a few games but at the end of the season we were getting tired, playing two or three matches a week. We would start games well but by the second half, when we’d be up 1-0, we would lose games 2-1 or lose 3-2 and it was getting a bit frustrating at the end of the season. We qualified for the regional tournament which is the first time in the programme history that we had qualified. We got to the tournament and we had been drawn against the second ranked team in the country. It was a bit daunting but it was good to experience a tournament. We lost 5-0 but we made a good account of ourselves and we played well and stuck together so it was a shame, but it was great to be there.

You’re currently home for Christmas, when are you heading back out?

I’m home for 4 weeks and I’ll be going back in January, so I’ve been settling back in at home, but I’ve still been keeping in touch with the girls every day and after new year I’ll be ready to go back. We’re moving into a new house when we get back which is really exciting. After the soccer season had finished I decided to join the Softball team, which I support is like a women’s version of Baseball, which will be really good for getting back into training and getting into the routine again, because once soccer season had finished we we’re only really in classes so it’s good to be getting active again. We start our soccer training again in Spring, and our new recruits will be joining us in August. We’re going to Florida for Spring Break where we will be taking part in a Softball tournament, which lasts for 6 days and on the seventh day we’re going to Disneyland as a team.

What about your classes, are they similar to the classes here or are they different?

It’s a bit like being back at school again. It’s different to College because you’re back to calling your teachers Sir or Miss, and by their last names, which feels a bit weird. You only pick a semesters worth of subjects as well, so I studied Anatomy and Physiology, which I think is the hardest class but I still got an A, so obviously doing Sports Science at LMC has really helped. I did Coaching as well but it is an online course, where you just log on and find the content for each week and you do a quiz and a discussion post and every now and then there will be papers that need to be done. Sports is a lot more professional out there so I had to get used to writing ‘athletes’ rather than ‘players’. It is a much higher standard out in America.

What will you be studying when you go back out?

I will be taking Anatomy and Physiology 2, Emergency First Aid, Medical Terminology and a Maths course, which I am really looking forward to.

Speaking before about the higher level of Sports in America, from what I have seen from College American sports, there is always packed out stadiums, have you seen any of that?

Well we’re quite a small college but about an hour away is Notre Dame and we did some fundraising there for our team, working the stands, and then we get a cut from how much we make, but the amount of people at the games is crazy. The athletes there are in the same position as us, going to classes and training so it’s surreal to see how many people come out to see the game. In some places, the College Football is bigger than the NFL, the professional league.

Where is the furthest place you went with your team?

The furthest game was probably around 5 hours away, which was up at Schoolcraft, another highly ranked team which is where the regional tournament was, so we went up there twice, which were overnight trips. In preseason, we went to North Carolina which took around 20 hours to get there and when we got there we were really tired and jetlagged but we got to see so much of America. We went through Virginia, seeing all of mountains which was incredible, and then we stayed by the Atlantic coast where we were staying 2 minutes away from a beach which was really nice, the water was warm and there was a turtle nesting site where we stayed to watch the turtles, but we missed the hatching. We’ve had some really long days where we have classes and then a 3 hour trip to an away game which has been really tiring. We had an away game in Chicago which was a 2 and a half hour drive and it was right next to O’Hare Airport so we had the occasional plane flying over, but the experience was incredible.

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Is there anything that you have learnt at LMC that has been really useful whilst you’ve been over there?

Being able to manage my workload has been a really useful skill that I learnt at LMC because there is a lot of work load which I have already done at LMC. The work ethic I learnt at LMC was really strong, I had an assignment that I had had finished with a week to spare and got 100% on it so there is some really strong time management and work ethic skills that I learnt. From a footballing side and playing with the LMC ladies and Morecambe FC Ladies, I learnt some really strong defending skills from Jayne. I mainly played as a Goalkeeper in England but had to play Centre Half in the States a few times, where I used a lot of the skills and techniques that I had seen our defenders in England use.

What about the standard of football over there? A lot of people don’t really see the USA as being as high a standard of football compared to here in the UK, what has been your experience at that

I’d say in the UK it’s a lot more technical but in the States, it is a very physical game. If you’re not fit enough you’ll just get circles run around you. I remember in one game I was playing left back and I was against a really fit winger and every time they would kick it over my head and I would be chasing after it, which was really hard because I wasn’t used to the heat. After a few games there you get used to it but you’ve to adapt. We had our busiest time of the season during a 2 week heat wave, so we were playing in a 36 degrees on an astroturf pitch, my feet were burning and we lost 10-0, but they had some really good players who could just run all game.

What about culturally over there, have you managed to integrate into the American lifestyle well?

Yeah I would say so, I live with two American girls and I get on with her really well and her family have invited me to lots of different things. We had Thanksgiving at her house with another one of the English girls, so that was really nice to experience Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Just all of the things that they do that is different to what we do here. We went to cut down our own Christmas Tree and there was a photographer there and we made it onto the front page of the newspaper. It’s like living in a different world. The town where we’re living is probably a little bit smaller than Morecambe but it just so different.

What about your course, how long have you got left?

I’m currently at a junior college where I’ll stay for 2 years but then I’ll move on to four year school where I’ll finish my degree, so I’ll need to start getting in touch with coaches to see if they will take me further in my degree. I’m hoping to get down south, somewhere like Texas, Georgia or South Carolina, just somewhere nice and warm! You can be scouted as well, it’s a really good system for young athletes.

chloe kane contract sign

When are you coming back to England after the Spring term?

I’ll be back again for another break but then I’ll be back to the States in August for the preseason games.

Brilliant, well thanks for coming to speak to us Chloe and all the best for the rest of the year!

Thanks, we’ll have to catch up next time I'm home!




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