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About LMC

About LMC

At LMC we have more than 50 years of experience in providing precisely the kind of courses and experiences our students want and our employers and universities require.

Subcontractor Funded Provision

LMC Subcontractor Funded Provision 2018-19
  UKPRN Contract Start Contract End Funding Type

Funding Received

Amount Paid to Subcontractor  Amount retained by
the College
The Skills Network Limited 10029308  01/08/2018 31/07/2019 Adult Education Budget 360,000   252,000 108,000
Lancashire Football Association  10027061 03/08/2018 31/07/2019 Adult Education Budget 50,000  40,000 10,000
Piccadilly Garden Limited 10062467 01/08/2018 31/07/2019 Adult Education Budget  15,000  10,500  4,500