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Do you have a dislike of numbers? Are you a parent who dreads being asked to help with maths homework? Do you struggle to make sense of the figures on your payslip? Do you want to be able to work the discount in a shop out? Does understanding your mortgage interest payments seem like an impossible task?

Multiply can help!

What is Multiply?

Multiply is a national programme that offers access to free courses intended to help you become more confident with numbers and gain maths skills without the exam but could lead to a qualification if you wanted; if you need help in managing your bills, budgeting or you want to improve your potential at work, for example, then Multiply is for you.

Who is it for?

If you are aged 19 or over and do not currently hold a GCSE in maths at grade C or above (4 to 9 under the new grading system), or an equivalent qualification, you can access free numeracy courses through Multiply.

Everyday life skills:

  • Would you like to know how much money you could save every year by changing your shopping habits?
  • Would you like to gain a better understanding of where your money goes and how to decrease your monthly outgoings?

If this sounds interesting then why not join our budgeting course, where you will learn all about different types of outgoings and incomes, and how to apply these to a monthly budget.

We will also talk about income tax, national insurance, pension and payslips, to help give an extra understanding on some of the topics that can easily be ignored.

Helping your children with maths:

  • Do you find it difficult to understand the new methods schools use to teach maths?
  • Would you benefit from learning these methods, which could help give you the tools to help your child with homework?
  • Maybe you would like to know exactly how many exams your child will sit, and what the questions will look like on your exam paper?

If these are questions you often ask yourself, this course could be for you! We offer weekly sessions covering the Primary and Secondary Curriculum Maths subjects, giving tips on how your child will be taught in class and how you can help from home.

Upskilling for a job (new or current):

  • Do you require a GCSE or Functional Skills Level 2 qualification to progress in your current workplace?
  • Have you seen a University Course you would love to get stuck in to, but not having a Maths qualification is preventing you from perusing your dream career?

If this sounds like you, this course could be hugely beneficial to you.

As part of the Multiply Project we offer tutoring aimed at learners who are interested or currently enrolled on a maths course, giving you that extra preparation you need to go in to your exams feeling confident.


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