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Student Life at LMC

Student Support

Lancaster & Morecambe College (LMC) is committed to fostering equality of opportunity by offering a high-quality service to all our students, regardless of personal circumstances. 

Specialist staff in each subject department have planned sessions, work experience, opportunities for stretch and challenge as well as developed a programme of activities with external visitors/visits to enhance the learning experience at LMC.

We advise learners to get the most out of their College experience by taking advantage of the additional support available to them;

The Hexagon Student and Learning Centre (The Hex)

The Hexagon Student and Learning Centre (The Hex) is the College’s central hub where our Student & Learning Services are located. You can give us a call on 0800 306 306 to arrange an appointment or discuss your queries over the phone. You can also e-mail us at 

We provide a wide range of resources to assist students with their assignments. Knowledgeable staff, books, e-resources, computers, laptops and much more will all help to guide students to get the best results. Staff will provide, amongst other things, study skill sessions and workshops on how to get the most out of MOODLE

Students should go the The Hex for all support, including; 

  • Careers Information Advice & Guidance
  • Information on College courses, tuition fees, and the Advanced Learner Loan
  • Financial Support from the Student Money Team
  • Pastoral and Safeguarding
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Bus routes and passes 
  • Short term loans of Learning Resources, e.g. Books, laptops and e-books. 
  • Independent study time

Transitions to LMC


  • Transition taster sessions whilst in year 11
  • Year 10/11 – Taster programmes with schools
  • Open Evenings and Family Open Days
  • Informal IAG meetings with parents, schools, external agencies
  • Orientation visits
  • LSA consultation advice meetings to establish whether we can meet the needs of the learner
  • Where possible attend Year 11 EHCP Reviews at High School if invited.
  • Summer visits and activities including NCS.
  • School-based activities and IAG
  • Meetings with learner and parents/carers to discuss course options and entry criteria
  • Mindfulness of creating appropriate learning environment
  • Inform/show learner our lunchtime provision and quiet areas of campus.

Application Process

  • Information gathering by ALS staff to ensure a smooth start for learners
  • Pre-enrolment inclusion assessment by ALS specialist
  • LSO liaise with School staff to discuss the needs and requirements of the learner in detail.

Enrolment and Induction

  • Learners supported through enrolment process by LSA/LSO
  • Starting points assessment
  • Support with form filling for financial support (LSF) and bursary (CLA) with learner and/or parents
  • Orientation exercise to ensure students are aware of rooms, buildings and transport collection points
  • Meet and greet service by ALS for those arriving by bus or taxi
  • Early intervention with parents/carers to address any issues
  • Effective support from administrator through daily conversations and communication with parents, support workers, etc.

Next Steps

  • Career advice & guidance – vocational staff in conjunction with parents/carers/ learners
  • Referral to appropriate next steps/place educationally, socially and emotionally
  • Taster opportunities internally to make informed decisions for next step
  • End of course tutorial including follow up of information relating to next step courses
  • Information sharing with tutors to ensure success of progression – EHCP information;
  • preferred ways of working and additional relevant information
  • Start of pre-enrolment for next academic year.

We want our applicants to feel comfortable and confident when starting College, if you want to take advantage of our Transition options please contact Additional Learning Support (ALS) on 01524 521245 or email

Additional Learning Support (ALS) @ LMC

Planning on coming to Lancaster & Morecambe College? Find out how we can support you while you learn

Moving to College is the next step on the way to your career - it’s an exciting time with some big changes, as well as new opportunities. Being at College doesn’t mean having to do it all alone though.

There are lots of people who can support you to make the most of your time here - for the first few weeks, the whole year, or in or out of class - we’re here to help.

Support at College is all about you and what you feel comfortable with.

Some people feel really confident about coming to College in September, but for others it can be a bit worrying. However you feel about starting College, here are a few things you can do to be well prepared for starting your new course:

  • Come and chat with the Learning Support Team to find out how we can help. Why not bring mum, dad or the person who helps you make decisions along, so they can find out more as well.
  • A visit before you start is a great idea. You get to know the tutors and support staff, check out the facilities and find out where you’ll be learning, eating and chilling out.
  • Get in touch! We can answer questions, help with concerns and tell you all about College and the support available.

Being happy and doing well at College

Because you know what works best for you, we’ll work with you to design your own personalised support package. Here are some examples of what we can offer:

Before you start

  • Advice and guidance to make sure the course is right
  • A key person to contact with any questions about College
  • Transition sessions
  • Tours of campus
  • Extra support for when you start your course

At College

  • A Learning Support Organiser as a key contact
  • Extra support in and out of class if you need it
  • Hex Learning Hub
  • Lunch time and taxi support
  • Programme Mentors who are there for your wellbeing

Additional support at College

  • The Hex is open every week day for you to study in

Next Steps

Ask us?

We’ll be happy to answer any questions about College and address any worries you may have about coming to College. Get in touch with Learning Support to have a chat or arrange a visit.

Not sure yet?

Come along to one of our Open Evenings where you can talk to tutors, our Students Services team and Learning Support staff who’ll answer all your questions. You can even have a tour of the College to see if you like the look of it.

For more information, or to arrange a visit, please contact the Additional Learning Support Team by phone on 01524 521245 or e-mail

Exam Support (EAA)

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) often include a reader, scribe, word processor, rest breaks, extra time, large print or a quiet room.

If you had EAA at school, it is very likely that you’ll get the same EAA at college. If you’re returning to education after a break, we would arrange for you to have an EAA assessment with one of our friendly assessors. 

We have to apply to the exam board for any specific conditions, so we may need to acquire evidence in the form of a medical certificate or statement from a doctor, a report from a specialist teacher, or confirmation from a previous tutor that this is how you usually work.

For further information contact

Call on 0800 306 306 to arrange an appointment or discuss your queries over the phone.

Visit our Student & Learning Services located  in The Hexagon Student and Learning Centre (The Hex) where our team will be happy to help.

The Hex opening hours


Monday & Thursday 8:30am - 5pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 6pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 7pm
Friday 8:30am - 4pm

Non term time 

Monday - Thursday 9am – 5pm,
Friday 9am– 4pm