Apprenticeship Funding

As an apprentice at Lancaster & Morecambe College, you may be entitled to funding to support you in your studies. This could include free or discounted bus passes, refunds for travel expenses, hardship funding, or the Apprenticeship Care Leavers' Bursary. 

If you have any queries on the below, don't hesitate to email our Student Money Team, or give them a call

Free Bus Passes

Lancashire County Council (LCC) will provide you with a bus pass if you're aged 16-18 and live in Lancashire. Your bus pass will be posted to your home address and renewed every 4 weeks until you reach your 19th birthday.

You will need to complete an LCC application form (contact the Student Money Team) and provide a passport-style photo. 

College Free Bus Service

If you're an apprentice living in one of our Free Bus Service destinations, you can use the Free Bus to attend your day at College.

bus map simplified 2020.png​

Travel Expense Refunds*

If you are aged 19-24 and live in the Lancaster & Morecambe district, LMC will refund the equivalent cost of a 4-weekly bus pass for a maximum of 12 months whilst on your Apprenticeship (this is charitable funding provided by Banks Lyon).

Please contact the Student Money Team for the appropriate application form.

Apprenticeship Hardship Funding*

The Apprenticeship Hardship Funding is a weekly payment for a specified number of weeks, and exists to help apprentices who are in financial difficulties due to being made redundant or losing their job.

In addition, the College will support apprentices who are not being paid as a direct result of Covid-19, for example, if the employer is not paying the apprentice to self-isolate. A block payment will be made for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Please contact your Apprenticeship Co-ordinator if you wish to apply to the Hardship Fund. Your Co-ordinator completes the form with you and they submit the form to the Apprenticeship Manager.

Apprenticeship Care Leavers’ Bursary

A single, one off payment of £3,000 can be paid to eligible apprentices who began their Apprenticeship on or after 1 August 2023, and who have not previously received the Care Leavers’ Bursary.

Eligible apprentices

For an apprentice to be eligible for a care leavers' bursary they must:

  • be aged under 25 at the time they start their apprenticeship
  • have not received the care leavers' bursary before
  • be either an eligable child, a relavant child or a former relevant child

An eligible child: A young person aged 16-17 who has been looked after by a UK local authority, or health & social care trust, for a period of atleast 13 weeks since the age of 14, and who is still looked after.

A relevant child: A young person aged 16-17 who has left care within the UK after their 16th birthday, and before leaving care was an eligible child.

A former relevant child: A young person aged 18-21 (up to their 25th birthday if they're in education and training) who, before turning 18, was either an eligible or a relevant child.

Please contact the Student Money Team for an application form

TOTUM Apprentice Extra Discounts

The TOTUM Apprentice card is the only discount card for apprentices and can be used at hundreds of high street and online brands; helping your hard earned cash stretch a little further.

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*Please note, these Apprenticeship Funding routes have been funded by local charities and trust funds which cannot support Lancashire Football Education or JTL apprentices.