Build the Future with an Apprenticeship at LMC

An Apprenticeship is a perfect choice if you want to continue your studies, by developing your skills, knowledge and behaviours, while also earning a salary and starting your long term career path.

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16 and cover a wide range of employment sectors including;

How Do Apprenticeships Work?

  • Here at LMC we offer job matching services for those still searching for an employer and we provide a range of training sessions from CV writing, confidence building and interview techniques. 
  • Once matched to your employer, you will begin working as a full-time member of staff in your workplace where you will receive visits from your assessor. You will be observed in your job role and helped to build a portfolio of evidence to prove your competence against industry standards. 
  • During your one day a week (or block release) at College you'll be completing assignments related to your job role whilst studying Functional Skills such as English and Maths. This will either help you gain qualifications in these areas, or, if you have already achieved an A*-C or 9-4 in your GCSE Maths and English, will allow you to maintain your skills in these subject areas. 
  1. You can fill skills gaps in your organisation
  2. You may receive government funding to assist with training costs
  3. You have opportunities to bring in new talent at a variety of Levels (2-7)
  4. You have the opportunity to upskill existing employees
  5. You can work with your provider to deliver flexible training

Call us to discuss your needs.

Travel Expenses

Bus Passes

If you live in Lancashire and are aged 16-18 you are entitled to a 4-weekly bus pass issued by Lancashire County Council. You will need to contact the Student Money Team for an application form.

If you're an apprentice living in one of the areas where the College provides a Free Bus Service, you can use this bus to attend your study day(s) at LMC.

If you have any queries, call Claire or Debs in the Hex, or contact them via email. 


If you live...

  • in Lancashire, are aged 19+ years and live over two miles from your workplace
  • outside of Lancashire (e.g. Cumbria or Yorkshire), are aged 16+ years and live over two miles from your workplace

...College will refund the cost of a 4-weekly bus pass for a maximum of 12 months whilst on your Apprenticeship.