Apprenticeships at LMC

Apprenticeships at LMC


Apprenticeships are becoming increasing popular to develop your skills, knowledge and behaviours whilst you earn a salary and start your long term career path. Apprenticeships are available to anybody over 16 years olds and cover a wide range of employment sectors. You will need to be employed to become an apprentice but we offer a job matching service. We have an experienced team that will offer a wide range of services from CV writing, confidence building and interview techniques to get you in to the right job with the right employer.

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Your assessor will visit you in the workplace to observe you in your job role and to help you build a portfolio of evidence to prove your competence against industry standards. Once you have completed your Advanced Apprenticeship, you could choose to move on to a university level course or undertake further professional training.

You might attend College one day a week or on block release depending on your course. Your time in College will be to complete your assignments and study functional skills such as English, Maths and IT – which you will need for all jobs. As all our tutors are professionals in the fields they teach, they will be able to give you all the support and advice that you need. There is also help available with your travel costs if you undertake an apprenticeship through LMC:

Bus passes:

  • If you live in Lancashire and are aged 16 - 18 years:
    • Lancashire County Council will issue a 4 weekly bus pass. Please contact the Student Money Team for a Lancashire County Council application form.

Refunds for travel expenses:

If you live in Lancashire AND are aged 19 years AND live 2 miles or more from your place of employment OR if you live outside of Lancashire e.g. Cumbria and Yorkshire AND are aged 16 or over AND live 2 miles or more from your place of employment:

  • College will refund the cost of a 4 weekly bus pass for a maximum of 12 months whilst on your apprenticeship. Please contact the Student Money Team for an application form.

College free buses:

If you are an apprentice living in one of the areas where a free bus service is provided by the college, you can use the college bus to attend your day at college.

Become an Apprentice...

To become an Apprentice, you will need to be employed for a minimum of 16 hours a week and your employer must agree that you can attend training. If you haven't got a job yet – don't worry, we offer a full apprenticeship vacancy matching service for both potential apprentices and businesses looking to recruit young talent.

If you're looking for an apprenticeship our fully supportive service will you prepare to apply including helping you with your CV and interview coaching.

Employers think that apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications.

Are you an Employer...

For local businesses looking to make the most of local talent our consultation service runs from job description preparation and candidate shortlisting through to interview preparation. In all cases our skilled and experienced team will guide you through the process to match the right apprentice to the right employer ensuring a positive outcome for all involved. See Apprenticeships - Employer Information.

90% of apprentices stay in employment after finishing their Apprenticeship. (includes 2% self-employed).

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