How we can help

At LMC, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding School & Community Engagement programme. We believe that our service should provide students with an opportunity to fully explore the many exciting options available to shape their future.

We offer a range of activities to support schools in the delivery of impartial advice and guidance for students from year 7 through to year 13. We also offer a variety of information sessions about courses and life at college. Our programme focuses on inspiring students and providing them with the information that they need to know to progress, including qualifications, employability skills, and career opportunities.

Tel: 01524 521484

WHAT can we OFFER?

Our School & Community Engagement team provide a comprehensive service for school-aged students, their parents/carers, and schools to inform and support educational aspirations.

We can:

  • Liaise with schools, colleges, students and their families regarding the LMC offer
  • Offer a wide variety of activities and events to engage and inform everyone
  • Work closely with partners to support new initiatives and to provide a collaborative approach to education and training
  • Develop and deliver relevant and impartial sessions and workshops for students both in school and college

Our outreach activities:

  • School Assemblies (from year 7 - year 13, each with a different focus)
  • School Careers Fairs & Events
  • Post-16 Talks (options after school)
  • Post-18 Talks (options after 6th)
  • LMC Taster Sessions & Days (we can facilitate tasters for classes or whole year groups)
  • School Taster Sessions (our tutors deliver taster sessions at your school)
  • Employer Expos (we invite employers onto campus to deliver workshops for your students)
  • LMC Campus Tours
  • Lunchtime Drop-ins
  • Parents' Evening Support
  • Mock Interviews & CV Workshops
  • Exam De-stress Workshops
  • Future Careers Workshops (looking at the future workplace; automation, green careers, etc.)

Tel: 01524 521484

Our Schools & Community staff in local school delivering a session


Our School & Community Engagement team also offer tours for students and parents! You can contact us at any point during the year to book a tour.

If you need any support during the year, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to help!

Address: Lancaster & Morecambe College, Morecambe Road, Lancaster LA1 2TY
Tel: 01524 521484