Fees Policy 2019/20


This paper sets out the College’s fees policy for 2019/2020.


Some groups of learners receive free tuition and are not required to pay fees, for example;

  • 16-18 learners.
  • Unemployed learners seeking employment in receipt of certain eligible benefits.
  • Learners that meet eligibility rules studying on a Level 2 or 3 course with entitlement.
  • 19-24 learners with an education health care plan (EHCP).
  • Some 16-18 Apprentices.

The above learners do not pay fees and the College receives the fully funded rate from the EFSA.  For other groups of learners, the College is expected to charge a fee.

The College receives a ‘co-funded’ rate from the EFSA for adult learners not entitled to free tuition.  Currently, the co-funded rate is 50% of the national fee rate.  Providers are expected to charge the remaining 50% as a fee.

In practice, most providers do not charge the full co-funded fee as this would make the cost of courses excessive and would have a negative impact on learner recruitment.

Current Fee Levels

For 2018/2019, the College’s Fee Policy is summarised as follows:


Type of Provision

Fee Rate

Part Time Courses

£1.75p/h based on c50% of the co-funded fee. For certain ‘premium’ courses were there is high demand and limited capacity the college may opt to charge a higher fee in line with the prevailing market rate.

Adult Full Time Courses

Flat fee of £250 including registration costs. This is equivalent to c15% of the national base rate.

College Discretionary Remission

£25 fee. This charge is applied to learners that are not seeking employment, that are in receipt of benefits qualifying benefits (e.g. tax credits, income support, JSA). For these learners only a notional fee is charged and the College does not receive the co-funded rate.


Were a fee is payable by the employer the College charges a fee based on the top of the appropriate band set by the EFSA for the relevant framework or standard. This fee is notified to and negotiated with the employer in advance of the programme starting.

Full Cost Courses

These courses attract no public funding. Fees are charged on an individual basis to achieve an economic return to the College. 

Higher Education

Full Time Fee is £5000. Most learners pay this via a student loan.


2019/20 Approved Fees


Full Time Adult Fees

It is proposed to maintain the time fee at £250 to ensure or provision is affordable and to maintain and encourage more enrolments in order to fully utilise the adult allocation. At this level our adult full time fees are amongst the lowest in the sector.


Part Time Adult Fees

Part-time adult courses will generally be made up of different cohorts of adults; some will qualify for full funding, some may be loan funded and some may be co-funded.

For those learners required to pay a fee it is proposed to maintain the part-time fee at £1.75 per hour to ensure part time courses are affordable and encourage more enrolments.

The College does offer a number of ‘premium’ courses that are in high demand and often over-subscribed. For these courses the College may charge a higher fee to more closely reflect the market value of the provision.


College Discretionary Remission

It is proposed that this fee remains at £25.



A compulsory fee is payable by employers for Apprenticeship provision.  The only exception will be for employers with less than 50 staff employing a 16-18 apprentice.

The fee payable has been specified as 10% of the cost of training negotiated with the employer.  This value must not exceed the top of the funding band for the relevant framework/standard.

It is proposed the College continues to base its fees equivalent to 10% of the top of the funding band for the particular framework or standard.

It is expected that the ESFA will reduce the fee payable from 10% to 5% at some point in 2019. In this event the College will reduce its fees accordingly.


Level 3 Learners 19+

These learners are not be eligible for SFA funding, but can apply for a student loan through the Student Loans Company.

Such learners could be studying full or part time College based courses or work placed NVQs.

The College charges a fee equivalent to the national funding rates applicable to the programme the learner is studying.  This rate will be derived from the LARS Database which is maintained by the Data Service.  This fee is occasionally capped at £4,750 to maintain a differential with HE fees.


Higher Education – Full Cost Learners

It is proposed to retain the HE fee at £5,000.    It is considered important to keep a significant differential between this fee and the university fee of £9,250 in order to keep this offer attractive to this group of learners. This fee is also comparable with other local providers.


Local Position

Due to the complexity of adult funding, it is very difficult to compare fees between providers on a like for like basis.  However, from a review of college websites and published information, we consider the proposed fees to be competitive compared to other local providers.


The above proposals are designed to maintain and encourage more adult enrolments to maximise co-funding and utilise more of the Adult Education Allocation (AEB) whilst ensuring our provision is affordable to our local community. These proposals were approved by the Corporation on 26th March 2019.