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Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Worldpay Payments

Lancaster & Morecambe College has selected Worldpay to manage the processing of payments through our website.  Worldpay is trusted and utilised by thousands of businesses, big and small, in nearly all parts of the world and is recognised as a secure and easy-to-use payment solution over the internet.  The College accepts all types of Visa, Mastercard & Amex Cards.


You have a right to be provided with a refund in the event of course cancellation or overcharged fees. 

In order to cancel your payment please call our Accounts Department on 01524 521257 and/or email

How long does a refund take?

When you cancel, we will refund your account as soon as we have processed your cancellation.  For card payments this can take up to 10 working days to show in your bank or credit account. Alternative Payment Methods can take longer. When a payment has reached the REFUNDED (or REFUNDED_BY_MERCHANT) status it indicates that the issuer is processing the refund and the customer will receive it.

What if my card is refused?

Cards are not refused by he College but by your bank or card issuer. There could be many reasons this may happen and we suggest you contact your card issuer in the first instance if you have a problem with your payment being declined.

I have paid the wrong amount – can I have a refund?

Yes. Mistakes can happen. If you have overpaid your account contact our Accounts Department on 01524 521257 and/or email