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Single Equality Scheme

Introduction by the Principal

Lancaster & Morecambe College is committed to the principles of Equality and Diversity for everyone. The College’s existence and activities are determined by a belief in and a desire to ensure that all members of the College have an equal opportunity to maximise their potential and are all equally valued and treated with respect. It seeks to provide employment, education and services in an environment in which diversity is welcomed, respected and valued.

The College’s Single Equality Scheme (SES) is intended to respond to the spirit as well as the letter of the Equality Act 2010 and the Children and Families Act 2014.. We seek to ensure the elimination of discrimination, harassment and victimisation in relation to the protected characteristics identified in the Act. We will work to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations throughout our organisation. The SES also aims to promote all other forms of equality and human rights that might be relevant to our work. Leadership and commitment at all levels of the organisation are central to the success of the scheme. In everything we do, we will consider how we can ensure that we do not discriminate against or disadvantage individuals or groups, and we will seek opportunities to promote equality and diversity wherever we can. We recognise that the scheme is a work in progress, to be consulted on and refined as necessary and regularly reviewed. The practical steps to be taken are presented as an action plan.

Wes Johnson

Single Equality Scheme (PDF)