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Covid-19 Information

Tackling Inactivity During Lockdown

The Tackling Inactivity Team at Lancaster & Morecambe College (LMC) is getting involved in Sport England's campaign to #StayInWorkOut, offering tips, advice and guidance to the LMC community on how to keep or get active in and around your home. 

In our current climate, it's important to fully take advantage of the options available to us when it comes to keeping fit, our team are here to help you along the way! Keep up-to-date with new videos on our YouTube channel. If you need any advice on how to perform or perfect movements, don't hesitate to contact the team on


  • Fully take part, burn some energy, warm up first 
  • Involve members of your household where possible
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Keep hydrated
  • Wear suncream when outside in the sunshine


  • Take part if you don’t think its safe for you to perform the movements
  • Take part until you have moved potential hazards from the exercise area;
    • Wires
    • Pots and ornaments
    • Loose clothing and jewelry

Adam explains how to stay safe whilst working out at home.

Fitness Competitions and Challenges 

Are you finding yourself being less active during this lockdown? Adam from the Tackling Inactivity Team has set a step counting competition running between Monday 11 - Sunday 31 January 2021, with a chance of winning up to £50 in Amazon vouchers. Making these small changes to your daily routine are a great way to stay fit and test your limits throughout another lockdown. 

If the Squat Challenge is too hard, make a note of your time and try again in a couple of days. If you find the challenge too easy, try adding some weight or complete the song twice. 

Family Friendly Games and Activities 

Mix it up by changing the forfeit exercises each time you play, use the exercises from the Flip A Coin and Full Name Workout challenges above to give your whole body a physical workout. Don't forget to warm up before, and stretch after! 

Fitness routines 

Lucas from the Tackling Inactivity Team has put together a range of routines to suit beginners, advanced, and expert fitness goers. Before you begin any any of these workouts, make sure you warm up properly beforehand, and cool down afterwards, to allow your body to recover effectively.