Part Time Courses

Financial Support for part time Students:

Based in The Hex, our Student Money Advisers will help you identify and access any support that may be available, whilst you are studying at College.

You may be entitled to additional financial support (course materials, uniforms and childcare expenses) depending upon your individual circumstances. Please ask for more details by contacting our Student Money Advisors on 01524 521469 or 

Financial changes due to Covid-19

In these uncertain times, if you find that your financial circumstances change during the 2020-21 academic year, please contact Student Money at college. You can apply for financial support at any time during the year and you may qualify for help with additional course costs such as trips and uniform. 

Additional support available:

Can I study for free?

If you are 23 or under and studying for your first full Level 2 or 3 course, this may be free.

You may also be eligible for free study if you're unemployed, receiving an eligible benenit and you are taking the course to help you find employment. There is also a subsidised rate of £25 per course if you're employed and in receipt of certain benefits, eligibility is shown in the table below.

Benefit Employed Waived Fee Evidence
JSA No Full 0 In date letter/account screenshot
ESA Contribution Based Yes Partial £25
Universal Credit No Full 0 If earning less than £17,004, submit in date letter or account screenshot
In receipt of another state benefit other than the above In date letter/account screenshot


Aged 18 or under

Whilst you can undertake any Adult Part Time course, we have a wider choice of courses available that you can study for free in our FE Courses and Apprenticeships prospectus.

Please contact us on 0800 306 306 or 01524 521385 for advice on the best course for you.

Aged 19 or over

If you are under 19 and a resident in the UK/EU for the last 3 years, study is usually FREE (excluding HE courses)

If you are aged 19+ you may be entitled to study for free, depending upon your individual circumstances; contact the Careers Information Advice and Guidance Officer on 01524 521385.

Funding is available for course expenses such as kit, uniform and extra curricula trips, to learners when their:

  • household is in receipt of certain means tested benefits/household income is below £35,000 
  • course is 3 hours+ each week

Please check with the Student Money Team which items are approved for financial help. You’ll receive an 80% refund on approved items purchased for your course and must submit receipts, signed by your tutor, with your form. 

Refunds will be paid at the end of the first term as long as you continue to attend your course.

Learner Support Fund

A range of financial support from the Learner Support Fund is available to learners depending on their personal circumstances; such as being in receipt of certain means tested benefits or your household income being £35,000 or less. 

Please complete a LSF Financial Support Form in all cases *except apprentices. 

For any HE courses, eg HNC, HND or Degree, please apply for support via Student Finance England

Apprentices qualify for help with travel costs only, *a separate application form is required.


Parents under the age of 20 on 31st August 2020 should apply directly at Care to Learn 

Parents over the age of 20 on 31st August 2020 can apply for childcare support, by completing both the LSF Financial Support Form and a Childcare Application Form, if:

  • your household is in receipt of certain means tested benefits/household income is below £35,000
  • your course is 3 hours or more each week

One Childcare Application Form is required for each childcare provider that you use. 

Session rates or a maximum £5.25/hour (if your provider charges an hourly rate) will be paid during term-time only, for your timetabled days. The maximum weekly contribution is £160/child. 

Your Ofsted registered childcare provider must accept the free 15 & 30-hour funding, for 2 & 3-year olds. If your child qualifies for the free 15 hours, these must be used for the childcare required whilst attending college.

College will contribute towards the outstanding hours. If you receive the childcare element of tax credits/Universal Credit, we are unable to fund your childcare.

Please speak to the Student Money Team regarding the sliding scale of support dependent on income.

Financial Support Enquiries

Phone 01524 521469


Course Fee Enquiries

Phone 01524 521385


Application Forms

LSF Financial Support Form 

Childcare Application Form