Student Finance

If you are under 19 and have been resident in the UK or EU for the last 3 years, you can study a full-time course for free (excluding higher education courses).
If you are 23 or under in September and studying for your FIRST full Level 2 or Level 3 course this may be free.
If you are aged 19 or over you may be able to study Level 1 and Level 2 courses for free if you are in receipt of a means tested benefit.
Those aged 19 or over the Government Advanced Learning Loan offers you the chance to study without any upfront costs on eligible courses. These loans are non means tested and you would not make any repayments until April 2020, and then only if you are earning more than £27,000 per year. If you do not wish to take the loan, you may pay up front, in installments, or using direct debit payments. For more information contact Student Services on 0800 306 306 for up-to-date information.
If you do not already have a grade C/4 or higher in GCSE English and Maths you can study these subjects for FREE.

You can apply to the Learner Support Fund for help with lunches and a contribution towards course expenses eg kit, uniform and compulsory trips if you are a full-time student.
For part-time students, studying 4 hours or more per week, you can apply for help with course expenses eg kit and uniform.
To be eligible for help your household income needs to be below £25,000 per annum and/or you or your parent/carer receive one or more of the following benefits:

• *Income-related ESA,
• *Income-based JSA,
• *Housing Benefit,
• Universal Credit in place of one of the *benefits listed above
• Council Tax Benefit
• Full HC2 certificate for health costs
• Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
• Hold Asylum Seeker status

In addition, for under 19s, free college meals are also available if you receive child tax credit with household income below £16,190 per annum and are not entitled to working tax credit.
If you have any questions, please call the Student Money Team on 01524521469 or e mail and we will be happy to help.

All qualifying students will receive lunch credits for each day of course study. There are a variety of food options available in our Lounge catering outlet.

LMC offers several free buses for students who live far away. The route of your bus pass will be printed on your Student ID card when you enrol; which then becomes your bus pass.
Students who live at Galgate or further south, may qualify for a free Stagecoach bus pass that is not means tested. Please speak to a member of the Student Money Team on 01524521469 or email for more information.
Full-time students, who live 2 mile or further from College, and are not on one of the free bus routes, can apply for a free stagecoach bus pass. To be eligible, your household income needs to be below £32,000 per annum, and/ or you or your parent/ carer receive one or more of the following benefits:

• Income-related ESA,
• Income-based JSA,
• Housing Benefit,
• Working Tax Credits (household income below £25,000 per annum)
• Universal Credit in place of one of the *benefits listed above
• Council Tax Benefit
• Full HC2 certificate for health costs
• Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
• Hold Asylum Seeker status

LMC wants learners to succeed in reaching their goals and have a strong support network in place. Sometimes, people may need some additional support to achieve their goals and if any learner thinks this might apply to them, please get in touch with our Additional Learning Support team who will be glad to assist. Phone on 01524 521245 or email

The support could include:
• an interview process to ensure that the learner is on the right course for them
• support from the Course Tutor who is responsible for each learner’s study programme
• a tutorial at least once a week with the learner’s course tutor
• specialist subject tutors who will use differentiated activities and tasks to support learners to master their chosen subject and progress to a higher qualification, work or other training.
• Learning Support staff who can provide support in and out of class as needed with studies.
• personal support if it is needed to manage personal care, medication storage and time out of class.
• Safeguarding and Welfare Officers who share pastoral care and mental health support.
• Student Services - provide financial advice related to study and college life, college transport and bus passes etc.
• childcare support may also be available -please ask in the Hex.

If you want to find out more about the services the Hexagon can offer click here.

We hope you have found all the information you want.

If you require any further information, please contact:
Philippa Howsley, Head of Learning Support – 01524 521245 or use the contact form in this link below

Contact Lancaster & Morecambe College

Some of our courses have equipment costs and trip expenses that the student has to pay at the beginning of the year. You will be informed about them at your interview and may qualify for an 80% refund of these at a later date based upon your attendance.

If you are aged up to 19 at the start of you course you may qualify for help with childcare through Care to Learn.
LMC can contribute to childcare during your scheduled study hours (an hourly rate limit applies).
There is a sliding scale of support available for household income up to £32,000 as long as you are NOT in receipt of childcare element of tax credits.
Extra documentation is required so please contact Student Money on 01524521469 or email to make an appointment with an adviser.

If you are aged 16-18 on 31 August 2018 and have one of the following situations, you may qualify for an additional bursary. This attendance-based weekly payment is a great addition to LSF help for qualifying students.

• Looked after by a local authority
• Care leaver
• Living independently and in receipt of Income Support, or Universal Credit, in your own name
• A young parent and receiving Income Support, or Universal Cedit, in your own name
• Receiving both ESA and DLA or PIP, in your own name

Please call Student Money on 01524521469 or email to discuss further.

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