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Apprenticeship Awards 2022 Winners & Finalists

Apprentice of the Year Kate Wood

Apprentice of the Year Award (presented by Charlotte Rawes)

Winner: Kate Wood (Thomas Graham)

Highly Commended: 
Lauren Magowan (Hest Bank Kennels) 
Leanne Benson (Lancaster University)

Rising Star Award Elly Pike

Rising Star Award (presented by Keith Roberston)

Winners: Elly Pike & Ellie Jones (Lancaster University) 

Highly Commended: 
Jake Lawson (JSW Building Ltd)
Alex Haworth (FGH Security)
George McCartney (Lune Valley Pods)

Most Dedicated Team Player Matthew Preston

Most Dedicated Team Player Award (presented by Julie Wood)

Winner: Matthew Preston (FGH Security)

Highly Commended: 
Liam Newsham (RTS Gas Services)
Khaalisa Adams (The Consult Centre)
Sasha Davies (DF Studio)

Apprentice Progression Award

Apprentice Progression Award (presented by Joy Hayman)

Winner: Stephanie Stubbs (Hillcroft Nursing Home)

Highly Commended: 
Adam Bulmer-Goodwin (HNC Lettings)
Reece Mills (Halton Centre)
Beth Jakins (Carnforth High School)

Outstanding Achievement Award Hayden Cowperthwaite

Outstanding Achievement Award (presented by Daniel Waterhouse)

Winner: Hayden Cowperthwaite (Waters & Atkinsons)

Highly Commended: 
Garry Strong (Playdales)
Shannon Harrison (LMC)

Traineeship Graduate Award Megan Barry

Traineeship Graduate Award (presented by Claire Chambers)

Winner: Megan Barry (Sparrows)

Highly commended: 
Daniel Jobey (Thomas Graham) 
Emilee Bland (Furnace Barn Nursery) 
Austin Moon (E Collinson & Co.)

Progress in Maths Award Corey Colborn

Progress in Maths Award (presented by Alison Kaberry)

Winner: Corey Colborn (Lancaster Engines)

Highly Commended: 
Jonathan Davey
Spencer Pearcy
Amelia Jackson (LMC)

Progress in English Award

Progress in English Award (presented by Claire brown & Faye Moorby-Hartley)

Winner: Susan Stirzaker 

Highly Commended: 
Joshua Hodgson
Dawid Lewicki
Keira Gorst

Skills Development Academy Award Ella Murphy

Skills Development Academy Award (presented by Olivia Hammond)

Winner: Ella Murphy

Highly commended: 
Daniel Scott
Laura Blakely

Employer of the Year Award FGH Security

Employer of the Year Award (presented by Emma Dennison)

Winner: FGH Security

Highly commended: 
Sparrows Playgroup
Sarah Milne (Lancaster University)

Most Supportive Employer of the Year Award Leeanne Scrogham – Abbeyfield Lakeland

Most Supportive Employer of the Year Award (presented by Leeanne Grayston–Aldren)

Winner: Leeanne Scrogham – Abbeyfield Lakeland

Highly commended: 
Ella & Kirsty (Thomas Graham) 
Specialist Care Team
Hannah Fern Waters & Atkinson 

CMI Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management Helen Marsden & Sara Butler

CMI Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management (presented by Gill Newsome)

Helen Marsden & Sara Butler