Our Taster Days let students see first-hand how College differs from school and how it might suit them and their career plans. Each student who attends will benefit from hands-on, fun practical sessions of their choice across a wide range of subjects including Creative Digital Media, Animal Studies, Travel & Tourism, Childcare, Hairdressing, Plumbing, Computer Games Development, Sport, Public Services and many more!

It’s also a great opportunity to come and check out our fantastic campus, we have recently spent £14million developing our facilities into fantastic, industry standard work environments. Students will also have the opportunity to ask all our tutors about college, the courses and anything else they might need to know before making a decision. 

The Year 10 Taster Day will be held on Wednesday 4th July 2018. The Taster Day will include two sessions in order to give students the option to ‘taste’ more than one subject and ensure they have the opportunity to really engage in the subjects of their choice.

Take a look at the list of sessions below to see what kind of things you might do in your Taster Day sessions.


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Taster Day Sessions

Child Education

Have you always wanted work as an Early Years Educator, Teaching Assistant or one of the many other rewarding careers in child education? This workshop give you an insight into play, learning and development in young children. You will take part in a session on how practitioners can support children’s messy play, and creative play.

Health & Social Care

If you are thinking of working in a caring profession then why not try out Health & Social Care? Whether you want a career in social work, nursing or residential care, this session will help you discover what it would be like to work in the sector. You will take part in a dementia awareness session. There are currently 850,000 people with dementia in the UK so this topic is highly relevant when working in the care industry.

Music - Jam Session

This will be a fun and active jam session for any budding musicians and singers!

Music - Production & Recording

This taster is perfect for anyone interested in computer based music production, sound recording and audio editing. Have a go at recording a band in our professional music recording studio.

Creative Digital Media

If you are interested in making games, video, animation or all sorts of other creative digital media applications then this taster for our creative digital media courses is for you.

Performing Arts

At the Performing Arts taster session you will take part in a range of activities that are designed to introduce you to acting skills, script and scene generation skills, performance skills, and dance group skills. A very practical session in our 'Black Box Theatre' that encourages collaborative, safe practice with a focus on creativity!

Art & Design - Printmaking

This taster will give you an introduction to Intaglio Dry Point printmaking as well as the chance to look at the range of creative opportunities available throughout the Art & Design industry.


Who will write the next must-have app? An introduction to some programming principles and identifying what makes good software.

Sport & Public Services 

This session will be all about training for Sport and Public Services physical entry test requirements. Guaranteed to be an active one! (kit will be required)

Public Services

You will be participating in a range of activities which require team work, creatively and problem solving. These are some of the core skills required for any public service career.


Looking at what it takes to have a career in the sports industry, you will participate in a range of sports. (Kit required)

Hospitality & Catering

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a chef? Or just love being in the kitchen around lots of delicious food? This session includes making your own pizza from scratch!

Travel & Tourism

Find out what working in this rapidly growing industry is all about. Discover the range of career opportunities available to you throughout a variety of industries and gain an insight into the exciting work of Air Cabin Crew.

Beauty Therapy

This session will let you explore the world of beauty therapy and have a go at doing mini manicures. You will be taught in our £2m beauty therapy salon, by our top industry expert tutors.


If you enjoy working with hair, this taster will give you the opportunity to explore and experience the practical aspects of hairdressing, focusing on creative hair techniques. Work alongside our professional stylists and gain hands-on experience in our industry-standard hairdressing salons.

Animal Studies 

This session will let you explore and learn about our Animal Studies department and meet some of the 200 animals we have on site! You will have the chance to handle some of our small mammals, exotics and invertebrates and do some health checking on the animals too! (You will need flat shoes that cover the whole foot – no sandals etc.)


Horticulture is a fast growing sector and there are now more jobs than ever available in the industry. Try out this interesting and versatile subject with LMC, you will have the opportunity to work in the kitchen garden including digging, hoeing, weeding and cutting back! (You will need wellies or work boots) - AM only


An introduction to marketing and branding concepts; examining logos, brand awareness and comparing brands in a blind test


How do you make a profit? Looking at some basic costing principles and making sure that the next big business idea makes a fortune!


You will be expertly shown how to cut and prepare copper tube and fittings and then solder a frame which will be pressure tested for leaks. All materials, tools and equipment will be provided but you will need to bring safety footwear. Photos will be taken of you with your finished piece of work.


Using bricklayers' hand tools, you will have the opportunity to build a wall or even an arch. Our tutors will give demonstrations and guidance throughout the session and will take a photo of you with your finished job. You will need to bring safety footwear but all other equipment will be provided.

Carpentry & Joinery

With demonstrations and expert guidance, you will have the opportunity to sample a range of joinery skills using hand tools provided, and may even be able to take your finished work-piece home. You will need to bring safety footwear but all other safety equipment will be provided.

Fabrication & Welding

Try your hand at welding or sheet metal fabrication with our state of the art equipment and machinery. You will be instructed by highly qualified staff and your work will be assessed to see who is the best metal worker of the day. You will need to bring safety footwear but all other safety equipment will be provided. Photos will be taken of you with your finished piece of work.

Electrical Installation

You will be expertly shown how to prepare, clip and terminate electrical cable to wire up a light fitting or a plug socket. All materials, tools and equipment will be provided but you will need to bring safety footwear. Photos will be taken of you with your finished piece of work.


Have a go at Mechanical Engineering in our professional workshops. You will get the chance to operate our state of the art milling & turning machines, you will also get the opportunity to make your very own bolt out of a solid block of metal! Our experienced tutors will guide you step by step through the process and you can even take your work home. 

Explore College!

Use this session as an opportunity to find out all you want to know about the courses, facilities and extra-curricular activities available at LMC. You will receive a short presentation about college life, take a tour of the campus and meet some important people from across the college! 

After School Tasters 2018

Students from our local area have been joining us for after school taster sessions to get a real flavour of what is on offer at Lancaster & Morecambe College.

The tasters were open to Year 10 and 11 students, who spent time in some of our subject areas, including Animal Management, Construction & Engineering, Hairdressing and Health & Social Care, getting information about their chosen subjects, helping them make an informed decision about what steps they will take after finishing at high school.

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