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Every year we like to celebrate our apprentices, their employers and the success stories that have happened over the year at our Annual Awards Ceremony.

LMC is one of the largest providers of Apprenticeships in the local area training over 500 apprentices for more than 300 businesses across 20 subjects.

Best Team Player - Stefan Holroyd, Hospitality & Catering Level 2 Apprenticeship, The Bay Horse Inn
Most Improved Apprentice - Morgan Holmes, Bricklaying Level 2 Apprenticeship, Scotson Construction Ltd
Most Dedicated Apprentice - Jordan Lynch, Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship, Lancaster University
Best Business Contribution - Callum Mattinson, Business Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship, Yordas Group
Progress in Maths - Denise Martin, Bluebird Group
Progress in English - Maria De Matos Antonio, Lancaster University
LMC Special Recognition Award - Jamie Elkin, The Lodge, Lancaster
Most Supportive Employer - Thomas Graham & Sons
Employer of the Year - Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd
Apprentice of the Year - Stefan Holroyd
Best Team Player - Kate Wells, Business Administration, Trust Medical Ambulance Service
Most Improved Apprentice - Rustom English, IT, Sortware, Web & Telecoms Professional, Net Development Ltd
Most Dedicated Apprentice - Claudia Lourie, Hairdressing, D FR Studio
Best Business Contribution - Darcie Whitehead, Business Administration, OEP Building Services
Employer of the Year - Trust Medical Ambulance Service, Natalie Lisgo
Apprentice of the Year - Rustom English
Best Team Player - Joel Beal, Business Administration, Carnforth North Road Primary School
Most Improved Apprentice - Harry Jackson, Supporting PE and School Sport, Chorley Council
Most Dedicated Apprentice - Ashton Braithwaite, Customer Service, Philip Jones Opticians
Assessors' Award - Caitlin Lambert, Business Administration, NWPALS
Best New Employer - The REACH Centre
Employer of the Year - Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd
Apprentice of the Year - Ashton Braithwaite
Best Team Player - Angela Marra, Team Leading, Ellel Ministries
Most Improved Apprentice - Sara Panczel, Hospitality supervision, Ellel Ministries
Most Dedicated Apprentice - Jamie-Lee Butterworth, IT Application Specialist, Accessplanit
Employer of the Year - Anne Jones and Alex Brodie, Hawkshead Brewery
Apprentice of the Year - Jamie-Lee Butterworth
Best Team Player – Ian Long, Professional Cookery, Holgates Caravan Park
Most Improved Apprentice – Connor Wilson, Plumbing, Technical Home Services
Most Dedicated Apprentice – Amy Stanley, Business Admin, FGH Security
Most Innovative Apprentice – Jessica Holbrook, Business Admin, South Lakeland District Council
Employer of the Year – Tony Butterfield, The Joinery Shop
Apprentice of the Year – Jessica Holbrook, South Lakeland District Council
Best Team Player – Dawn Pearson, Professional Cookery, Lancaster University
Most Improved Apprentice – Lauren Quayle, Hairdressing, Heaton Hair
Most Dedicated Apprentice – Charlotte Musgreave, Hairdressing, Salon TK
Most Innovative Apprentice – Lauren Hevyside, Business Admin, Chem-Dry Independent
Employer of the Year – Wyreside Lakes and Fisheries, Sally Hughes
Apprentice of the Year – Emma Browne, Harvey House, Business Admin
Most Improved Apprentice - Lee Adams, Lancaster University
Most Innovative Apprentice - Georgia McDevitt, Goody Good Stuff
Most Dedicated Apprentice - Lisa O'Kane, Travis Perkins
Best Team Player - Tracey Mulligan, The Midland Hotel
Apprentice of the Year - Scott Fairweather, The Punchbowl Inn
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