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Foundation Education at Lancaster & Morecambe College

14-16 Programme

In specialist cases, some learning opportunities are offered to learners aged 14-16 which need to be agreed between a school, social services, Lancaster & Morecambe College (LMC) and/or the Local Education Authority.

LMC's specialised programmes are offered to learners aged 14-16 if:

  • They are purchased through a school as curriculum enhancement or technical/vocational specialist activity.
  • The Local Authority purchases a place for an individual learner who it is felt can benefit from the technical/vocational experience that Lancaster and Morecambe College can offer.

The College enters a contract with the school or Local Authority to agree which aspects of the learner’s programme it is responsible for. The learner remains on their school or Local Authority roll throughout their pre-16 period of learning.

Home Educated Learners

There are occasions when LMC will consider individualised programmes. These programmes aim to enhance the current home learning or study which a young person is undertaking and may offer a technical/vocational specialism.

This provision applies to learners in KS4 who turn 15 in the term in which we may accept them. Evidence that home education has taken, or is taking place, should be brought to interview. Please note, home schooling should have taken place for a minimum of 3 months prior to application, not including the summer holidays.

Responsibility for the total learning package of the young person does not lie with the College. Our programmes are Part Time (up to 6 hours per week), designed to support and enhance their home learning.

Entry criteria applies to all LMC programmes and will be used to assess the learner's suitability, including an assessment on whether we feel the young person can thrive in the College environment, ensuring they succeed.

Learners who have not attended a formal educational institution such as a school for some time can struggle to adjust to:

  • Working in groups of 12+ learners
  • Working alongside teenagers
  • Working in large institutions
  • Following a structured timetables

Some learners aged 16+ who have previously been home educated can also struggle to adjust to a College environment, and in this case, additional support is offered and such learners are encouraged to work through a period of transition before starting College.

14-16 School Referrals

Individual referrals for the 14-16 programme can be made throughout the entire academic year but, must come from schools, social services, or other educational establishments which can fund the placement for the learner.

Please note, private funding is not accepted.

LMC's 14-16 Co-ordinator will send an application and referral form upon a 14-16 request made by a school or educational establishment.

Young people in Year 10 will be placed onto a Part Time programme and young people in Year 11 will usually study Full Time (up to 18 hours per week), unless otherwise agreed by the school or fee payer.

The learner can engage in a wide variety of Foundation Learning Pathways including Childcare, Animal Studies, Digital Technology, and more, however all are subject to availability. Each Pathway includes Functional Skills Maths & English, unless the learner shows GCSE Level knowledge in the subjects. Only one Pathway can be studied at a time.

An interview for the 14-16 Programme does not guarantee a place at LMC.

College is not funded by Local Education Authorities and therefore, not obliged to offer a place to Year 10’s and 11’s. The LMC 14-16 Co-ordinator will ask for references from the young person's most recent school for behaviour, attendance and attitude to learning. Interviews will take place at College and a parent, guardian, or carer must be present, as well as a representative from the fee-paying establishment.

An Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP) must be presented to the College before an interview is offered, to ensure an full assessment on the outcomes realting to that plan can be made.

School Links Programme

Schools can directly request provision for up to ten Year 10 and/or Year 11 learners, for a number of hours per week, on a set day of the week. For example, two hours on a Friday morning. The provision can include a carousel of activities across our varying subjects, such as Construction, Hospitality & Catering, Animal Care, and so on.

The length of time which we work with a school and their learners for can vary from Half Term, Full Term to even a full academic year. This provision can be flexible in accordance with the needs of the school and the group.


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