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Room Hire Terms and Conditions

General Information Regarding the Hire of College Premises 

(Please read carefully before application is made)

College premises may be used subject to availability and the agreement of the Principal and College Corporation.

Under the Education Act (No.2) 1986, the College is required to take such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure:

  1. that freedom of speech within the law is secured for students and employees of the College and for visiting speakers; Within the context of "freedom of speech”, it is unlawful to incite an audience to violence, breach of the peace or racial hatred. Speakers are also subject to the laws of blasphemy, obscenity, sedition, treason, the official secrets legislation, defamation and contempt of court and Parliament.
  2. the use of College premises shall not be denied to any individual or body of persons on account of their gender, colour, race, language, religious belief, age, marital status, disability, learning difficulty, sexuality, socio-economic status or any other beliefs or views or policies or objectives
  3. Quotes for the hire of College premises are made on an individual basis, depending on what accommodation and facilities are required.
  4. Functions/events which require catering (including those where consumption of alcohol is required) may only be approved when College catering staff are present.
  5. Value Added Tax will be added to all invoices where appropriate.
  6. Particular attention should be paid to the requirements shown in the Indemnity Declaration.
  7. Licenses for the public use of sound recordings (Phonographic Performance Ltd) and (subject to the approval of the College Corporation) should be obtained by the HIRER, and, if necessary, programme returns submitted to the Performing Right's Society within seven days of the performance.
  8. It is strongly recommended that HIRERS have appropriate insurance cover e.g. Public Liability Insurance. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken, Lancaster & Morecambe College does not hold itself responsible for loss or damage to any property or vehicle.
  9. No sub-letting is allowed.
  10. Temporary fixtures must not be nailed, screwed or otherwise affixed to walls or furniture, and placards are not to be posted on College buildings without prior permission.
  11. No tents, marquees, etc are to be erected without prior permission.
  12. Wherever possible, hirers should exercise economy in the use of heating and lighting.

The College however, is under no legal obligation to hold meetings on its premises which are open to the outside public.

The College reserves the right to refuse an application where the use would be in direct competition with the College.


Lancaster & Morecambe College endeavours to provide a healthy and safe environment for all persons using the College premises.It is essential therefore, that all activities undertaken within College premises comply with all relevant health & safety requirements, this includes College Lettings.

Organisations hiring College facilities must ensure that all planned activities are conducted in a safe manner and that appropriate arrangements have been made to ensure this.


Any person discovering a fire should:

  1. Sound the alarm.
    Break glass - fire alarm points are located throughout the college.
  2. A member of College staff (Site Staff) will call the Fire Brigade.

On hearing the fire alarm:

  • People should make their way to the nearest assembly point. Information regarding the location of assembly points can be found on the blue fire notice displayed on the door of each room in the College.
  • If on the first floor or above, people should leave the building using the stairs at either end of the corridor and SHOULD NOT USE THE LIFTS.
  • If on the Ground Floor, people should leave by the nearest available exit.
  • If anyone requires assistance in an evacuation, they should make their way to a refuge point (i.e. landing areas on each staircase).
  • People SHOULD NOT return to the building until authorised to do so by a member of the Fire Brigade or a Fire Marshall.



If an accident occurs whilst on the College premises, an accident report form should be completed. (A copy of this form will be included in the pack forwarded when the hire is approved). Once completed, this form should be left at Reception.


During Normal College Hours (Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm)

  • Contact any member of staff and state your requirements.
  • Dial 'O' on any telephone and give details of your requirements to the Receptionist.

Out of Normal College Hours

  • Please ensure that you have made your own arrangements

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