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Animal Management Level 3 Dissection for Biology Unit

Posted: 27.11.2023

Last week we made our way up to the Laboratories here on Campus to take part in Animal Management Level 3's, Year 1 Biology Unit.

The Technical Animal Management group were taking part in a rabbit or rat dissection as part of their biology unit on their year long course here at Lancaster & Morecambe College.

They have been studying body systems in their biology sessions recently and taking part in a real-life dissection is a great opportunity to see those systems up close rather than on a screen or in their books. 

It allows the students to see how the systems integrate and fit together and this is just one of several dissections that our Level 3 students can take part in. Other laboratory activities include animal hearts, lungs and eye ball dissections.

In 2024, our Animal Studies Level 3 will be known as the T Level in Animal Management. As a College we currently plan to follow the core pathway and occupational specialism, Animal Care and Science. These may incorporate subjects like animal health, animal welfare, animal behaviour, animal husbandry, animal biology, nutrition and biochemistry.

PLEASE NOTE The rats and rabbits used in this dissection were bought from a specialised company who ensure all animals are euthanised humanly. 


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