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Student Life at LMC

Student Life at LMC

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Safer College Community

The Safer College Community group monitor safeguarding arrangements for our students and staff.

The group is responsible for reviewing LMC site risk assessments and uses local intelligence from our community, external partners and other agencies to review the assessment and recommend action as necessary. 

What we're here for

Safety on Campus


LMC has a simple ‘Report It’ system – if you are worried or concerned about anything, or something has happened – report it. This can be done via the college hub or by talking to any member of staff.

To discuss our safeguarding provision further, please contact our Safeguarding Manager


In addition to staff from the College challenging on site visitors without a valid college ID, there are ad-hoc ID checks carried out by College Managers at least once  a month at site entrances and communal areas. We also have close liaison with our local neighbourhood police officers and Police Partnership Manager. 


LMC has a Site Supervision Team on site at all times during College opening hours. Their responsibilities include first response to incidents on site and monitoring CCTV. In addition, from 6.30pm -10.30pm (365 days a year) LMC employs a security company to ensure proactive foot patrols are conducted around the College estate. 


LMC has a range of security measures in place to ensure that all students and staff remain safe and feel safe while at our College site. 


CCTV is extensively situated around the College, both externally and internally in some buildings, for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety with a dedicated CCTV control space. 

The Big Chat

The Big Chat is a safe space in which learners can talk to local community groups, who offer judgement-free help and support, during monthly sessions in our Eden Hub. This is an opportunity for learners to meet our Wellbeing Team, as well as outside agencies such as; Samaritans, We Are with You (formerly AddAction), Community Police, Lancashire Mind and Prop up Project. Topics such as sexual health and victim support are also covered throughout the year. The Big Chat is also a chance for learners to build up communication skills and network with local agencies. 

Amy Winehouse Foundation

We are continuing to run online sessions led by the Amy Winehouse Foundation which focus on volunteers sharing their personal stories, recalling challenging circumstances they have faced following poor choices and substance abuse. The presentations show how our guests have overcame difficulties, built resilience and got their lives back on track.  

Safe Drive Stay Alive

Safe Drive Stay Alive is a road safety initiative which gives our learners the opportunity to hear real life stories from the emergency services and families who have all been affected by road traffic incidents. The sessions aim to encourage learners to improve their attitudes towards risk taking behaviour on the roads.

Big Charity Pledge

The Big Charity Pledge is an opportunity for learners to become more actively involved in raising money for various charities. Adam from The Tackling Inactivity Team at LMC has previously hosted events with learners which raised money for Mind Matters as well as the Duke of Edinburgh equipment fund. 


Swishing is our LMC clothes upcycling initiative where we encourage learners to remember to donate, recycle and reuse pre-loved clothes. This is a great way for the LMC community to help do our bit for the planet as clothes are donated to our Clothes Swap Rail. The clothes donated are available for leaners to take at no cost. 

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Period Poverty

We have free sanitary products available around campus for learners to use if they find themselves in an emergency situation. We also encourage any learners who need support in the supply of sanitary products to contact our Pastoral & Safeguarding Team, there is no need to worry; we have help on hand.

Overnight Bags

Our overnight bags include dry food packets, essential toiletries and sanitary products, available to learners who have found themselves in a difficult situation. We’re also able to carry out Food Bank referrals – learners who feel they may be eligible can contact The Safeguarding & Pastoral Team in The Hex.

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