Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Lancaster & Morecambe College is committed to the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for everyone. The College’s existence and activities are determined by a belief in all members of the College, and a desire to ensure that they all have an equal opportunity to maximise their potential and are all equally valued and treated with respect. It seeks to provide employment, education and services in an environment in which diversity is welcomed, respected and valued.

The College’s Single Equality Scheme (SES) is intended to respond to the spirit as well as the letter of the Equality Act 2010 and the Children and Families Act 2014. We seek to ensure the elimination of discrimination, harassment and victimisation in relation to the protected characteristics identified in the Act. We will work to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations throughout our organisation. The SES also aims to promote all other forms of equality and human rights that might be relevant to our work.

Leadership and commitment at all levels of the organisation are central to the success of the scheme. In everything we do, we will consider how we can ensure that we do not discriminate against or disadvantage individuals or groups, and we will seek opportunities to promote equality and diversity wherever we can. We recognise that the scheme is a work in progress, to be consulted on and refined as necessary and regularly reviewed. The practical steps to be taken are presented as an Operational Action Plan.

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Lancaster & Morecambe College (LMC) has a Single Equality Scheme (SES) that sets out the underlying principles of The Equality Act and other relevant legislation and how LMC implements its duties.

See useful links below for the Single Equality Scheme (SES)

Lancaster & Morecambe College constantly works to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, wants all learners, parents, staff and visitors to feel welcome and relies on them to bring any concerns to the notice of the College so that they can be addressed. Alternatively, a Comments, Compliments and Complaints Form can be completed and submitted.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Form

Lancaster & Morecambe College welcomes learners, visitors and staff regardless of personal circumstances and endeavours to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation in all its forms and other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010 and prevent an environment which will allow it to flourish. The College will use its best endeavours to foster good relations between those who are likely to experience disadvantage and those who are not.

The College works very hard to ensure that everyone can study and work in a safe and secure environment by adhering to the RESPECT agenda.

The Disciplinary process will be used to manage behaviours which are inappropriate and unacceptable. Discrimination in any form including harassment and victimisation has no place at LMC and is never acceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone.

Anyone experiencing or seeing discrimination should pass that information on. This can be done by using the ‘Report It’ button on the Hub or by talking to the course tutor. Any member of staff will be able to signpost the appropriate staff to discuss any concerns with.

The College can offer a range of equipment, technology and software to enable independent movement and study at College.

The majority of the College has good accessibility but there are one or two areas which require further development. If you have any concerns or suggestions please get in touch with the college using Email: Learningsupport@lmc.ac.uk or Phone: 01524 521245.

There are hearing loops in the Reception area and in the Hex.

LMC has designated Blue Badge Parking bays at the front of College near Reception and in the rear car park. Please ensure that Blue Badges are displayed, as the College has employed an independent Car Park Management Company to patrol the parking bays and penalties will be incurred by those who do not display their entitlement.

Most areas have clear signage, but the College constantly reviews the facilities to update them. Any visitors who require assistance should advise the College in advance of their visit so that a staff member can be allocated to accompany them around the campus.

If you are visiting the college please contact Reception to make the college aware of your requirements.

Contact Lancaster & Morecambe College

Learners are able to advise the College of their requirements on their application form, when they are interviewed or they can talk to their course tutor. If the College is advised in good time, it can put in place the reasonable adjustments required for when the learner starts college.

Members of staff should please discuss any requirements with their line manager or with Personnel.

The College takes its duties under the Equality Act 2010 very seriously and values any feedback. If anyone has or has had any difficulty accessing the College, please tell us so that we can address the issue(s) you have experienced using either of the links below, thank you for supporting us to make LMC a better place to study and visit.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Form

The College has a range of equipment, technology, software and experienced staff who can all support learners’ access to learning and advance the equality of opportunity. More information on this support can be found by either going to the Learning Support page and the Local Offer which can be found on the web page for your Local Authority.

Learning Support - Lancaster & Morecambe College

Moving to college is called Transition and whilst it is exciting it can be an anxious time. If you are worried or nervous, please talk to us and we can arrange a personalised Transition. A transition package could include visit(s) to college to look around with one of our team to answer any questions you want to ask, to practice your likely routes to the Lounge to buy your lunch or eat your own from your classrooms, where the toilets are, the college bus stop, where to go for help if you are having a bit of a wobble and the Hex where many of the Student Services are located or where you might decide to use for your independent study time.

If you ask your school to get in touch we can often organise for you to go into one of the classes you wish to study when you come to LMC. We need the school’s help as you would usually be in school during this time so it is important to work with the school so you don’t lose out on valuable learning time.

You can make as many visits as you need to start the term feeling comfortable and confident moving around your new college. We can make your transition from school to college go more smoothly so please contact Additional Learning Support (ALS) on 01524 521245 or email LearningSupport@lmc.ac.uk to arrange your transition now.

The academic success, happiness and well-being of learners is important to the College, and there is a wide range of support available at LMC. The College offers every learner an interview to ensure they are being offered the right course for what they want to do and how they wish to work. At the interview, a member of the teaching team in the learner’s chosen Programme Area or Faculty will ask questions about any aspirations or worries and try to get some general background to get to know the learner better. If the tutor feels it would be appropriate, then a member of the ALS Team may meet with the learner too. If the tutor feels some financial advice about the College bus transport or equipment etc would be beneficial, then a member of Student and Learning Services, based in the Hexagon Learning Centre, will be available for advice.

Lancaster & Morecambe College is a vocational training college and welcomes applications from the whole community and, whilst the College is not a specialist provider, it will always use its best endeavours to meet the needs of all learners.

Everyone who wants to come to LMC completes an application form and sends it to College or, if preferred, an online application may be made. Applicants will then be offered either an interview or an invitation to attend a session with Student Services for advice about other options and choices. Learners should let the college know in advance if they would like a member of the Additional Learning Support (ALS) Team to be present at their interview. Contact Additional Learning Support by phoning 01524 521245 or email learningsupport@lmc.ac.uk

LMC tries very hard to ensure that all its learners have every opportunity to succeed, regardless of personal circumstances such as disability, gender, ethnicity and social circumstances. Many learners are happy and confident about the transition from school to college, but for some, it can be a source of increased anxiety.

Anyone feeling anxious should contact our Additional Learning Support Team, who will be happy to talk to you about how we can help. Phone 01524 521245 or email learningsupport@lmc.ac.uk

One of the most exciting aspects of College is that learners have more control over decisions that can affect them. LMC expects people to take ownership of their learning and this can mean learning to ask for help when it is needed. Every course has a Course Tutor who is responsible for each programme of study and learners will have regular tutorials tutorial with them. The tutorial is a time set aside to discuss concerns or worries with the course tutor.

Most people need help with learning or understanding a new topic at some point in their lives and the ALS Service can help provide this. In schools the term SEN or Special Educational Needs and disability are used but, some adults prefer to use descriptions such as additional needs, additional learning needs, different learning support strategies. Any student who received support at school may want to find out if they can continue to receive support at College. If you feel any of these could apply to your circumstances then please contact us for a chat with one of our friendly team.

We will arrange to meet you to discuss your needs and how we can help. You can choose to bring a parent or the person who helps you make decisions or a trusted other with you if you wish.

Over 450 people at LMC every year receive additional learning support, with many more taking advantage of the support available in class.

We have a range of equipment, software and technology to help make learning more accessible and increase independence. If a particular piece of equipment has worked well for you at school you then we would always investigate if it would work well at college. The support agreed may include one of our experienced support staff working with you, in or out of the classroom.

Talking to students helps us to understand what impact your circumstances can have on your learning and to put any reasonable adjustments in place that we are able. Please talk to us about your requirements as early as you can before you enrol so we can be ready when you start college in September.

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact the Additional Learning Support Team by phone on 01524 521245 or e-mail LearningSupport@lmc.ac.uk

Lancashire County Council is responsible for letting young people and their parents know what choices are available at post 16 for Lancashire. Information about the study programmes available at Lancaster & Morecambe College for young people who may require a smaller and more differentiated approach to learning can be viewed here:

See useful links below to view the Local Officer and the Lancashire County Council website.

Lancaster & Morecambe is a vocational training college and, whilst it is not a specialist provider, it tries very hard to meet the additional needs of all learners to enable them to study successfully.

If learners have specific requirements, it is really important for them to contact our Additional Learning Support team, so that these needs can be discussed, ready for the start of their chosen course.

Any information that learners disclose to the College will be treated sensitively and protected and learners will be invited to discuss their additional learning support requirements to help the College understand what will be required for them to study at LMC. To find out more phone 01524 521245 or email learningsupport@lmc.ac.uk or see useful links below.

LMC wants learners to succeed in reaching their goals and have a strong support network in place. Sometimes, people may need some additional support to achieve their goals and if any learner thinks this might apply to them, please get in touch with our Additional Learning Support team who will be glad to assist. Phone on 01524 521245 or email learningsupport@lmc.ac.uk

The support networks could include:

• an interview process to ensure that the learner is on the right course for them
• support from the Course Tutor who is responsible for each learner’s study programme
• a tutorial at least once a week with the learner’s course tutor
• subject tutors who will use differentiated activities and tasks to support learners to master their chosen subject and progress to a higher qualification, work or other training.
• Learning Support staff , who can provide support in and out of class as needed with studies.
• personal support if it is needed to manage personal care, medication storage and time out of class.
• Programme Mentors - who can help keep attendance high when things get tough or if learners have any concerns about College life or their course
• access to counsellors if learners need a friendly ear to listen whilst they talk through any concerns
• Student Services - who can give learners financial advice related to their study and college life, college coaches and bus passes.
• childcare support may also be available -please ask in the Hexagon Learning Centre.

If you want to find out more about the services the Hexagon can offer click here.

We hope you have found all the information you want.

If you require any further information, please contact:
Philippa Howsley, Head of Learning Support – learningsupport@lmc.ac.uk 01524 521245 or use the link below

Contact Lancaster & Morecambe College

We welcome applications from the community we serve and have published our Local Offer on the College website and on the Lancashire County Council (LCC) website.

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