Creative Digital Media & Sound

know that the demand for skilled artists and designers is growing. You’ll develop skills that are transferable into existing and emerging job roles. Creative Digital Media offers huge and varied career opportunities. From interactive media to moving image, from animation to web-design, games production and design and 3-D visualisation. LMC offers courses from Level 1 right up to Level 5, HND. You’ll work in an industry standard digital environment with a range of software and hardware to produce creative solutions to media assignments.


Animator  £14,000-£36,000 
Computer Games Tester  £15,000-£40,000 
TV/Film Production Assistant £15,000-£30,000 
Video Editor  £18,000-£45,000 
Web Designer  £18,000-£40,000 
Computer Games Developer  £19,000-£70,000 

Whether you are interested in becoming a top session musician or becoming the next super-producer, the first step on that journey should be to study here at LMC. The Creative Media Industry offers a huge variety of opportunity. Students go on to study and work in interactive media, moving image, 3D visualisation, animation, web-design, games production and design. Working in an industry standard digital environment, you will work with a range of software and hardware to produce creative solutions to media assignments.

John Lambert, Head of Creative Digital Media & Sound

I’m actually very grateful to LMC. I remember being a bit lost after finishing school. I wasn’t sure where I was going in life. I found the course at LMC. It was here I discovered I really enjoyed programming. This set me on my current path. I actually still make games in my spare time (when I get chance) It was the first time I actually wanted to learn. School didn’t push or motivate me in any way. The lecturers on the course were great! They treated us all like adults and it really made a difference. There’s no doubt that LMC got me where I am today, I’m very grateful for that!

Will Davies, Creative Digital Media Level 3