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Eye Opening Experience for Public Services Students

Posted: 29.03.2019

Lancaster and Morecambe College HND and Level 3 Public Service students recently travelled to Krakow in Poland for a week’s international perspective visit. In preparation for the visit, the students attended a series of Polish lessons at LMC to gain some basic language skills.

The students flew into Krakow Airport on a Monday night and then transferred to their accommodation in the centre of Krakow.
During their first full day, the students went on a tour of Krakow Centre which also included a visit to Wawel Castle. This was followed by an excursion to see the Auschwitz/Birkenau Concentration Camps.
On Wednesday the students went on a visit to Weilicza Salt Mine which was then followed by a walking tour of Schindlers List Factory.
On Thursday the students visited a Cheese Farm and Mountain Museum Village which was followed by a visit to see the Zakopane Ski Resort.

LMC Student, Joseph Hester said “The views of Zakopane and its mountains when we went skiing were outstanding”.

The students also engaged in an array of activities to gain knowledge of how Public Services systems operate in Poland and how they differ from the UK. They learned about Polish culture and heritage and also indulged in local and traditional cuisine. The students were able to explore the city’s sights and experience its intriguing culture and history.

Joanna Rodrigues said “Poland was a really nice and clean place with the cost of living being relatively low in comparison to the UK”.

Public Services Tutor, Barry Robson, said “the students were extremely well behaved and respectful throughout the entire trip. They attempted to use their polish language skills to communicate which was a great challenge to them. It was also great to have our own L3 Public Service student David Nowelski, who spoke Polish and acted as a translator for the group. The students gained vital experience of being independent and responsible. Our tour guide was very helpful and explained the history and facts behind all the places that we visited. This helped the students’ to gain an understanding and perspective of the events that took place”

Chloe Burne said “learning about what happened at Auschwitz was really sad and it feels surreal that it actually happened. It makes you realise how lucky we are”.

Both HND & Level 3 Public Service groups said that “we had to show independence and organisation to get ourselves ready on the visit and ensure that we excelled in our time management. The visit was a great opportunity to see another country and its culture. We gained an excellent experience that we may not have got the chance to do ordinarily.

Deputy Programme Area Manager for Sport & Public Services at LMC, Gary Kelly, said “The visit provided the students with the opportunity to learn about what atrocities people had to go through during these times which enabled them to put their own lives in perspective. The European visit also provided an excellent cultural experience for the students which enhanced their Employability Skills. These skills are essential for their personal development and future career aspirations”.

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