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Lancaster Netball League was formed in 1984 when matches were played on a Sunday afternoon at the Kingsway Sports Centre in Lancaster.

When the centre was demolished, the league relocated to Central Lancaster High School, then to Skerton High School when matches still continued to be played on Sundays.

The next development was a move to Lancaster University, when matches first took place on a Monday evening on the outdoor courts. The league expanded to two divisions as school teams joined, and the next move was to Happy Mount Park. At this time, the first division matches continued to take place on a Monday, with the Division Two games arranged for Tuesday evenings.

When Morecambe High School had the floodlit outdoor courts built and the indoor sports hall was also available, both divisions moved there so that they could all play on a Monday evening.

In the 2011-12 season, Lancaster and Morecambe College also opened three floodlit courts and this enabled further expansion of the league to 22 teams, with both MHS and LMC hosting matches on Monday evenings.

Left to right, back row: Winter League Division 1 Winners (shield and cup), Winter League Division 2 Winners (shield and cup), Summer League Cup Winners.
Left to right, front row: Winter League Division 1 Winners (individual medals), Chloe Dixon Memorial Trophy, Winter League Division 2 Winners (individual medals), Summer League Plate Winners

Interested in Playing?

If you're interested in playing please e-mail the secretary. See Netball Contacts for details.

Some members from Lancastrians, Brookhouse Bulls and Panthers

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