Cynthia Campbell

Courses Taken:
Part Time - General Patisserie & Confectionery Level 1 & Patisserie & Confectionery Level 2
Years Studied:

You are still never too old to learn something new and if you are passionate about it, I would just suggest you go for it. I have no regrets about doing the courses at LMC!

Cynthia's journey at Lancaster & Morecambe College started when she had to make the difficult choice to give up working to become a full-time carer for a family member. She really wanted to find something part-time to fit around her responsibilities, so when she saw that LMC we were offering a Patisserie & Confectionery Level 2 and Creative Cake Craft (Cake Decoration) Level 1, Cynthia just knew that she had found what she was looking for.

I wanted to go back to College to do something that I loved.I knew that I really enjoyed cooking and baking, so I had to apply to those courses. It has been great because it's on a local bus route, so I could get to College from where I live.

Before coming to study at LMC, Cynthia was anxious as she hadn’t studied since 2013. After some reassurance from members of our Employer Hub team, Cynthia felt confident that she would be supported at College, and could be flexible due to caring for her ill mother. Although she was unsure of doing any course initially, she was soon reassured by the tutors. The great sense of humour of both tutors put her at ease and made the course even more enjoyable.

The tutors were lovely and very supportive. They knew I cared for my mum and had other responsibilities, so they were always flexible. If mum was ill or something came up and I couldn’t get to College, they would always ensure I caught up on what I had missed in class the following week.

Previously Cynthia worked as a Social Worker in a highly demanding work environment. She explained that both courses at LMC have helped her regain skills she hasn’t used since being in this role, such as:-

  • Having to be organised
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Multi-tasking
  • Time management

Wanting to progress onto further courses at LMC, Cynthia has signed up to take part in the Creative Crafts Cake Decorating Level 2 to broaden her skills even more and said

From a professional view point, I would love to work in the baking industry in the future, and these course have lead me to that decision!

When asked if she could recommend the courses to other adult learners, Cynthia said: 

What I have taken away from my time at LMC is that you are never too old to learn something new, and if you are passionate about it, I would just suggest you go for it. I have no regrets about doing the courses at LMC!