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Nahim Rashid

Courses Taken:
Team Leading Level 3 Apprenticeship
Years Studied:
2 Years
Senior Housing Officer at Calico Homes

I am glad I did the Apprenticeship as it has helped me develop in my role. It has given me a greater understanding of being a manager and leader.

Nahim had worked in the care sector for more than 5 years before he started his Team Leading Apprenticeship Level 3. Initially, as an adult learner, he was hesitant as to how an apprenticeship would impact on his working life, but he is glad he completed the course as he has been able to develop in his role and gain a greater understanding of being a manager and a leader.

I chose to undertake the apprenticeship to learn and develop, both personally and professionally. The apprenticeship I chose was appropriate for me to develop in my role and I am really glad that I did as it has helped me progress on my career path.

As an apprentice, Nahim attended College twice a month and also had 1-1- meetings with his assessor. He also took part in both English & Maths Functional Skills classes alongside his apprenticeship, to ensure that he was up to date with the qualifications he needed to pass the end point assessment of his Apprenticeship.

As part of my Apprenticeship I had to work on my portfolio and undertake off the job hours. The work required for the Apprenticeship is more coursework based which avoids the examination process. The Apprenticeship enabled me to continue working whilst I was learning and I was able to put into practice my learning in “real time”.

Nahim said he gained lots of skills whilst undertaking his Apprenticeship, including time management techniques, more confidence and belief in himself which he didn't have after stepping back into education after 20 years.

When asked if he would recommend the Team Leading Apprenticeship Level 3 to other adult learners, Nahim said:

I would recommend it 100 per cent, as it will first allow you to gain a qualification but most importantly it will allow you to gain lots of knowledge that can be applied within your role and your sector.

The next steps for Nahim is to look at gaining a Management and Leadership (Level 5) CMI qualification, to further advance his skill set and then go into self-employment within the care sector, specifically focusing on supported housing.