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This course aims to develop your knowledge, understanding and competence in a range of different IT areas. This course is ideal for those who work with IT within their current job role and for those who are familiar with using a computer and the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

This course will encourage you to think about how IT can be used in different ways as you are introduced to specific tools that will aid you in utilising IT in everyday life. You will consider the best software and tools for specific tasks and will do this with the view of improving your productivity and efficiency. You will also learn about the importance of IT security; from unwanted emails and spam, to computer viruses and firewalls. As you make progress through the course you will look in detail at presentation and spreadsheet software and will be assessed on your understanding and use of these.

Entry Requirements

To complete this course you will need access to a computer and a basic level of IT knowledge. It would also be of benefit to have some level of confidence in producing your own documents in Word, PowerPoint and Excel (as you will need to do this as part of your assessment).

This course is not for beginners, or for those who don’t already have consistent access to a computer.

Course Activities

Within the course you will study the following modules:

Unit 1: Using IT to increase productivity

  • Be able to plan and select which IT tools and systems are best suited to completion of an identified task

  • Be able to identify any restrictions or constraints that may affect how a task can be completed using IT tools and systems

  • Be able to use IT tools and systems to complete an identified task

  • Be able to review approach to using IT tools and systems

  • Be able to adapt their approach as a result of their experiences using IT tools and systems to complete a task.

Unit 2: IT software fundamentals

  • Select and use appropriate software applications to meet needs and solve problems

  • Enter, develop, combine and format different types of information to suit its meaning and purpose

  • Present information in ways that are fit for purpose and audience

  • Evaluate the selection and use of IT tools and facilities to present information.

Unit 3: IT security for users

  • Use appropriate methods to minimise security risks to IT systems and data.

Unit 4: Presentation software

  • Input and combine text and other information within presentation slides

  • Use presentation software tools to structure, edit and format slide sequences

  • Prepare a slideshow for presentation.

Unit 5: Spreadsheet software

  • Use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data

  • Select and use appropriate formulas and data analysis tools to meet requirements

  • Select and use tools and techniques to present and format spreadsheet information.

Progression Opportunities

Additional education opportunities include:

  • Principles of Business Administration Level 2

  • Principles of Customer Service Level 2

  • IT User Skills Level 2

  • Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3


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Course code: B35852-A2A