Emma Jones

Courses Taken:
Hairdressing Professional Apprenticeship Level 2
Years Studied:
2 Years
Junior Hair Stylist

Anyone who is interested in starting the Hairdressing Apprenticeship, I would say you gain lots of personal and hairdressing skills from doing the course and it is definitely worth taking the hairdressing qualification.

Emma started her Hairdressing journey at Kendal College, but decided it wasn’t convenient for her job at Prestige Salon in Lancaster, and transferred to Lancaster & Morecambe College to complete her Apprenticeship. In 2020 she started her Hairdressing Level 2 Apprenticeship with LMC with her current role at Prestige. One of the main skills that Emma developed during her Apprenticeship was an improved confidence in dealing with customers.

I learnt lots of new skills at College such as doing consultations with clients. These initial consultatations with clients allowed me to gather the correct information from them to make sure I gave them the exact style they wanted. Learning how to communication well with clients was an important skill for me to improve as I wasn’t very confident beforehand, but now I feel much more confident in that aspect.

While doing her Apprenticeship, Emma spoke fondly of her course tutors, expressing how they taught her valuable skills and how they helped her during the course.

 My College tutor in my first year was Tracy and then in my second year which was my last year was Danielle. Both of these tutors were really helpful and I learnt a lot from each of them

Emma feels her biggest accomplishment since leaving Lancaster & Morecambe College has been getting a Distinction in her Apprenticeship, End Point Assessment exam, which was a great achievement for her. 

When Emma was asked to share any advice for potential students thinking about applying to the Hairdressing Apprenticeship, she said:

Anyone who is interested in starting this course, will develop lots of skills in hairdressing, such as shampooing, colouring and styling;  it is definitely worth joining the course.