dog evaluation


Your pet's overall condition will be checked before the grooming process. Skin and coat condition will be checked for oily, matted or dry hair.

The evaluation is a very important step in your pet's grooming. It tells us what types of products will need to be used and which areas need to be focussed on. It also tells us what information we need to relay to you about your pet's overall exterior health.

Sandra is a professional dog groomer, not a vet: she can only give her personal opinion based on experience on how she would handle a situation with her own pet. You should ALWAYS take up any health concern with your vet.

Dog bath

Bath Time

Relevant shampoos and conditioners will be used two, three and sometimes even four times until your pet is clean!

dog evaluation

Blow Dry

At College Canines, we have high and low velocity dryers. We always get dogs used to the low noise first so as not to startle them. We will then start on the rear foot on low velocity to see how they handle it.

When they are comfortable, the decision will be made to turn the speed up or not. Quoted times for completion are based on having the dryers on low. If it can be turned up to high, the process may be finished sooner.

Dog bath

Nail Trimming

Nails will be checked every visit and will be trimmed if needed. You will need to advise us if the dog has objected to a nail trimming or if they have not been done before.

dog evaluation

Ear Cleaning

All dogs need the build-up of wax removed. However, some breeds need more removal of hair from the ear canal to allow air to circulate. We will not attempt to remove extremely thick and dense hair from the canal, this type of hair can be very painful to remove and you may want to consult your vet about this type of hair removal.

Dog bath

Brush Out

A de-mat charge may be incurred for excessive matting. However, the main concern is for the comfort of your pet.

At College Canines, we believe in Humanity Before Vanity.


   Please advise of all problems and ailments prior to grooming for the comfort of your pet.

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