The Alternative to A-Levels

A-Levels are not the only way to get into university. Successful completion of a Level 3 Extended Diploma course at Lancaster and Morecambe College will give you the UCAS points you need to get into university and the practical skills and experience you gain can help make your CV stand out from the crowd.

With higher fees charged by universities and increased competition for jobs at all levels, it can be hard to make your CV stand out. Completing a Level 3 course at Lancaster and Morecambe College involves more than just the course, integrating relevant competitions, visits, guest speakers and work experience to round out your academic learning experience.

Though you concentrate on a single subject area you will study your chosen subject in great depth, obtaining a clear understanding of the theoretical elements of the subject and studying related academic principles and subjects. You will also develop the practical skill set needed to obtain employment in that industry. On completion of your course you will be ready to offer your employer relevant skills, industry knowledge and experience plus an academic qualification proving your competence.

Qualification Levels Explained

More Than Just A Sixth Form

Choosing college rather than sixth form, you will also benefit from the adult atmosphere and campus environment, where all students are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential. Lancaster and Morecambe College has an active Students' Union and numerous extra curricular activities in which you can be involved.

If you should choose to progress to degree level study whether you choose a course at university, a foundation degree or Level 4 qualification as LMC you can be confident that the skills, experience and academic understanding gained on your course will help you access the degree qualification you want.

So, when selecting your preferred study route, make sure you explore all your choices and keep your options open for the future with an alternative to A-Levels at Lancaster & Morecambe College.

Based on Your Needs and Aspirations

A range of A Level equivalent Level 3 options are available within many subject areas. Level 3 programmes are focused on helping learners to access higher education and vocational employment leading to rewarding careers. The programme offered will be based on individual student needs and aspirations which will be discussed at interview. Extended Diplomas are equivalent to three A-Levels and are often used as a route to related higher education courses at university. National Certificates are equivalent to two A-levels. You will gain a thorough academic understanding of the subject area you choose, backed up with extensive practical skills and experience. Grading for these courses is Distinction, Merit or Pass.

The University of Cumbria Gold Guaranteed Offer:

We work closely with the University of Cumbria, offering our students campus visits and activities to help them make the right choice about their next step. 

LMC students are eligible for the Gold Guaranteed Offer Scheme, meaning you will recieve a guaranteed conditional offer on selected undergraduate programmes provided you do the following:

  • Clearly state on your UCAS form that you attend LMC along with your predicted grades which must be within 40 UCAS points of the standard offer for your chosen course.
  • Meet any subject specific GCSE requirements for the relevant course.
  • Submit your UCAS application prior to the UCAS deadline.

Level 3 Courses

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