Student Life at LMC

Student Life at LMC

How We Can Support You at College

Moving to College (Transition)

Moving to college is called Transition and whilst it is exciting it can be an anxious time. If you are worried or nervous, please talk to us and we can arrange a personalised Transition. A transition package could include visit(s) to college to look around with one of our team to answer any questions you want to ask, to practice your likely routes to the Lounge to buy your lunch or eat your own from your classrooms, where the toilets are, the college bus stop, where to go for help if you are having a bit of a wobble and the Hex where many of the Student Services are located or where you might decide to use for your independent study time.

If you ask your school to get in touch we can often organise for you to go into one of the classes you wish to study when you come to LMC. We need the school’s help as you would usually be in school during this time so it is important to work with the school so you don’t lose out on valuable learning time.
You can make as many visits as you need to start the term feeling comfortable and confident moving around your new college. We can make your transition from school to college go more smoothly so please contact Additional Learning Support (ALS) on 01524 521245 or email to arrange your transition now.

Additional Learning Support

Most people need help with learning or understanding a new topic at some point in their lives and the ALS Service can help provide this. In schools the term SEN or Special Educational Needs and disability are used but, some adults prefer to use descriptions such as additional needs, additional learning needs, different learning support strategies. Any student who received support at school may want to find out if they can continue to receive support at College. If you feel any of these could apply to your circumstances then please contact us for a chat with one of our friendly team.
We will arrange to meet you to discuss your needs and how we can help. You can choose to bring a parent or the person who helps you make decisions or a trusted other with you if you wish.

Over 450 people at LMC every year receive additional learning support, with many more taking advantage of the support available in class.
We have a range of equipment, software and technology to help make learning more accessible and increase independence. If a particular piece of equipment has worked well for you at school you then we would always investigate if it would work well at college. The support agreed may include one of our experienced support staff working with you, in or out of the classroom.

Talking to students helps us to understand what impact your circumstances can have on your learning and to put any reasonable adjustments in place that we are able. Please talk to us about your requirements as early as you can before you enrol so we can be ready when you start college in September.

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact the Additional Learning Support Team by phone on 01524 521245 or e-mail

How we can help you

Lancaster and Morecambe College is committed to fostering equality of opportunity by offering a high-quality service to all our students, regardless of personal circumstances. The Additional Learning Support Service can provide information, advice, guidance and support if you have a specific learning disability or difficulty or you require more specialist assistance. If you want to find out more about us and what we can offer then please contact us by email on or phone on 01524 521245 or call in for a chat in B Block room 212.

The information you share will be used to write a learning and support plan and your key contact in learning support will make sure that you have the opportunity to check it. Once you agree with the plan we will share it with the teaching and support team. The learning and support plan will be reviewed regularly. We are always happy for you to bring a parent or the person who helps you make decisions along to any meeting if that is what you prefer.

Each person is assessed individually but usually, if you had help at school then it is likely that you will be able to receive learning support. We may need to collect evidence to show that you are entitled to your support but we can help you get this. Once you agree with the plan we will share it with the teaching and support team and review it regularly. We are always happy for you to bring a parent or the person who helps you make decisions along to any meeting if that is what you prefer.

At the meeting, if you decide that you don't want any support when you start college, that's fine. If later you find that your circumstances have changed or you have simply changed your mind you can ALWAYS re-apply by emailing or by phone 01524 521245 or by calling into our base room B212.

Use the Learning Support service to get the most out of your time at the college.

Exam Support

If you had Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) at school then it is very likely you will be able to get the same EAA at college. If you are returning to Education after a break then we would arrange for you to have an Exam Access Arrangement assessment. One of our friendly assessors will support you through the assessment and explain it to you.

We have to apply to the exam board for any specific conditions so we may need to ask your Doctor for a medical certificate or statement; a specialist teacher for a report; confirmation from you tutor that this is how you usually work.

Access arrangements can include a reader; scribe, word processor, rest breaks, extra time, large print or a quiet room

How to let us know you might want additional learning support at college

You are the expert on you and if you feel you will need support at College you can request a meeting to discuss the impact of your disclosures/needs or concerns about support in any of the following ways:

  • Tell us on your application form
  • Tell us at your College interview
  • Tell staff when you enrol
  • Phone us on 01524 521245
  • e-mail
  • Visit us in College - Room MSB210
  • Ask in The Hex and they will get in touch with us for you.
  • Talk to us at an Open Evening

How we can support you

Specialists for your course who will have planned your sessions; differentiated your work; identified opportunities for stretch and challenge; discussed and planned your work experience; developed a programme of activities with external visitors/visits to enhance your learning opportunities.

The college can advise you about finances, bus routes/passes and short term loans of books, e-books, laptops. You will find all these services in the Hex.

LMC takes its duty of care for you very seriously and we have teams that can support your safety and welfare. If you make a disclosure about your health or medical needs we will invite you to tell us about your disclosure in more detail. We will then share that information, as appropriate, with the people who need to know it for your safety. We will treat the information you share with us sensitively and keep it secure, we will only share it with your teaching and support teams in college. It is your right to decide if you share information with us or make a disclosure (tell us about a disability, need or disadvantage) and if you tell us early we can get the support in place early. External requests to share will only be met if they comply with the Data Protection Act, are a legal requirement or we feel it would pose a risk to your health if we failed to do so. We will always try our best to contact you before we share any information in these circumstances.

The Safeguarding and Welfare Officers (SWO) are based in the Hex and if you are concerned about your own well-being or are in an unsafe position please talk to them.

Supporting Learning and equality of opportunity

LMC wants learners to succeed in reaching their goals and have a strong support network in place. Sometimes, people may need some additional support to achieve their goals and if any learner thinks this might apply to them, please get in touch with our Additional Learning Support team who will be glad to assist. Phone on 01524 521245 or email

The support could include:

  • an interview process to ensure that the learner is on the right course for them
  • support from the Course Tutor who is responsible for each learner’s study programme
  • a tutorial at least once a week with the learner’s course tutor
  • specialist subject tutors who will use differentiated activities and tasks to support learners to master their chosen subject and progress to a higher qualification, work or other training.
  • Learning Support staff who can provide support in and out of class as needed with studies.
  • personal support if it is needed to manage personal care, medication storage and time out of class.
  • Safeguarding and Welfare Officers who share pastoral care and mental health support.
  • Student Services - provide financial advice related to study and college life, college transport and bus passes etc.
  • childcare support may also be available -please ask in the Hex.

We hope you have found all the information you want.

If you require any further information, please contact:
Philippa Howsley, Head of Learning Support – 01524 521245 or use the contact form in this link below

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