Student Life at LMC

Student Life at LMC

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How We Can Support You at College

Lancaster & Morecambe College (LMC) is committed to fostering equality of opportunity by offering a high-quality service to all our students, regardless of personal circumstances. 

Specialist staff in each subject department have planned sessions, work experience, opportunities for stretch and challenge as well as developed a programme of activities with external visitors/visits to enhance the learning experience at LMC.

We advise learners to get the most out of their College experience by taking advantage of the additional support available to them;

The Hexagon Student and Learning Centre (The Hex)

The Hexagon Student and Learning Centre (The Hex) is the College’s central hub where our Student & Learning Services are located. Students should go the The Hex for all support, including; 

  • Additional Learning Support
  • Exam Support
  • Student Finance
  • Pastoral and Safeguarding
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Bus routes and passes 
  • Short term loans of Learning Resources, e.g. Books, laptops and e-books. 
  • Independent study time

Moving to College (Transition Process)

Moving to College can be also known as Transition, and whilst it is exciting, it can also be an anxious time. That’s why we’re happy to arrange a personalised Transition to any applicants who are feeling nervous about starting College; including visit/s to College with a parent or guardian to practice your likely routes to and from your classrooms, toilets, bus stops, The Lounge and The Hex. 

In some cases, we can also organise for applicants to experience a live class in a subject area of their choice, to get a real feel for the learning experience at LMC. It is important that we work with the applicant’s school to arrange this, as it would take place during school hours. 

We want our applicants to feel comfortable and confident when starting College, if you want to take advantage of our Transition options please contact Additional Learning Support (ALS) on 01524 521245 or email

Additional Learning Support (ALS)

Our ALS Service is here to provide information, advice, guidance and support to any learner who has a specific learning disability or difficulty, or requires more specialist assistance.

We offer a range of equipment, software and technology to help make learning more accessible and increase independence for our learners. If you’ve received support at school (this could have been called Special Educational Needs), it’s likely that you’ll continue to be supported at College. 

Over 450 students at LMC receive Additional Learning Support, with many more taking advantage of the support available in class. In addition to specialist equipment, we can also arrange for a member of our experienced support team to work with you, in or out of the classroom.

If you feel any of these could apply to your circumstances, we’d like to chat to you about how we can help. This discussion can also include a parent or guardian, and will allow us to put reasonable adjustments in place before you start College in September. 

The information shared at any ALS meetings will be used to write a Learning & Support Plan, which is always approved by the learner before being shared with the Teaching & Support Team. If the learner decides that ALS is unnecessary, that's fine. If circumstances do ever change, or the learner changes their mind, they can always re-apply.

Where and how you can inform us of Additional Learning Support needs:

  • Application Form
  • Interview
  • Enrolment
  • The Hex 
  • Open Evening
  • Call or email;

For more information, or to arrange a visit, please contact the Additional Learning Support Team by phone on 01524 521245 or e-mail

Exam Support (EAA)

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) often include a reader, scribe, word processor, rest breaks, extra time, large print or a quiet room.

If you had EAA at school, it is very likely that you’ll get the same EAA at college. If you’re returning to education after a break, we would arrange for you to have an EAA assessment with one of our friendly assessors. 

We have to apply to the exam board for any specific conditions, so we may need to acquire evidence in the form of a medical certificate or statement from a doctor, a report from a specialist teacher, or confirmation from a previous tutor that this is how you usually work.

Safeguarding & Pastoral

The College’s duty of care for learners is paramount, with dedicated teams committed to safety and welfare. The Safeguarding and Welfare Officers (SWO) are based in The Hex and if you are concerned about your own well-being or are in an unsafe position please talk to them.

The learner will always be asked for detail regarding a disclosure about health or medical needs. Information would be treated sensitively and securely, sharing it only with teaching and support teams in College. 

It is the learner’s right to decide if they share information with the College or make a disclosure (tell us about a disability, need or disadvantage). External requests to share information will only be met if they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), if it is a legal requirement or if we feel it would pose a risk to the learner’s health if we failed to do so. 

The College will always endeavour to contact the learner before sharing information in the above circumstances.