Mark Jenkins 2Mark Jenkins

Director of Production at The Dolby Theatre, Hollywood


What did you do after College? 

I travelled the world as a Technical Director on Cruise Ships. I then moved to Los Angeles and worked on movies, music videos and theatre.  Following that, I relocated to Las Vegas and worked with Cirque du Soleil for 10 years. I then moved again to Los Angeles in 2010 and have been here ever since! I am currently the Director of Production for The Dolby Theatre; home of The Oscars! Current work includes working on high profile shows as well as multiple world premieres for movies.
How did you get into your career?
By using my artistic and design skills in theatre.  This eventually led me to a theatre career that then expended into movie and television and beck to theatre again.
What were the best bits about your course?
I enjoyed the wide selection of activities before focusing on a couple of specific areas. 
Why did you choose Lancaster & Morecambe College?
I attended Lancaster Royal Grammar School and rather than stay on in their 6th form I felt the need to attend a more artistic class and L & M College offered that for me.
How did LMC help you get where you are today?
I believe it helped further my natural artistic abilities which I still use today. 
What would you say to someone who was thinking about doing the same course?
Highly recommend for anyone with artistic ability.  I am sure the curriculum has changed drastically since I attended but I feel everyone should experience college at some point.
Anything else you would like to tell us?
I feel it is important for anyone to realize that if you dream big those dreams can come true.  
Who would have thought a young kid from Lancaster could go on and play an important part in The Oscars and help in the global success of Cirque du Soleil!


scott demo west showScott Fairweather - Head Chef at The Punch Bowl, Crosthwaite

I chose Lancaster & Morecambe College because it was local to me as I was working within the Lancaster area. I had already completed my GCSE’s & A-Levels whilst working part-time as a chef on evenings and weekends at the Redwell in Arkholme. I had decided on my career choice from a really young age; I love to eat & drink, I enjoy cooking, I like having the chance to be creative with art & design, I’m interested in business management & mathematics… so, why not get paid for the chance to do everything I enjoy!? I was lucky that my choice was easy, I wanted to gain some official qualifications in cookery to back up my work based knowledge and LMC provided this for me. 
I enjoyed the chance to cook in a different environment, even if it was just one day per week, and my manager at the time, Tracy Fairbrother, helped me to pick the right course & gave me the opportunity to become an apprentice.
The best part of the course was meeting new people who have different experiences and backgrounds, also the chance to test your knowledge or ideas alongside people of similar age and ability. It was the first time I had spoken to a professional about my food, outside of my working environment, and the course tutors really helped me to develop my own style of presentation, flavour & cooking techniques that I still refer back to today.
Lancaster & Morecambe College helped me to increase confidence in myself, not just teaching me the basics of classical cookery, but enabling me to achieve as much as I want to achieve! It was there that I realised you can get as much out of your chosen career as you put in, it’s all about having motivation, a good group of people around you, and the ethic to work, work, work! I was awarded ‘Apprentice of the Year 2011’ which I was extremely grateful for and really topped off my time here.
For anybody thinking about doing a Hospitality course at LMC I would say; the course is great because it teaches you the absolute basics and knowledge that surrounds this, which I feel is essential to any chef’s career. I am very passionate about this foundation of learning and I have progressed six of my own chefs through the NVQ Level 2 and 3 at LMC, two of which have gone on to do an advanced pastry course! 
Since taking on my current job role as Head chef at the Punch Bowl at Crosthwaite, cooking up to 140 meals a day with a full-time team of seven, I have had the opportunity to do some great things and meet some amazing people. Over the last three years I have been asked to do demonstrations across the county such as the Westmorland County Show, Taste Cumbria and Country Fest, alongside people such as The Hairy Bikers, James Martin, Paul Rankin, Aldo Zilli, Peter Sidwell and the Lake District’s top chefs like Simon Rogan. From this I was asked to teach Jamie Oliver’s fifteen organization, London in 2012 and have returned each year for a day of demonstrations and fun with the new intake of students. I have appeared in countless magazines locally & nationally, including ‘Good Food’ and ‘Olive’ as well as having my own recipe column in the Lancaster Guardian for a number of years. I have also been lucky enough to eat at some of the country’s top restaurants through my working relationships, including Marcus Waering at the Berkeley, the Gavroche, Gordon Ramsey’s Royal Hospital Road and Tom Kerridge’s Hand & Flowers Pub. The only thing missing now is my own Michelin starred restaurant, watch this space…!

BA CertHayley Robinson - British Airways Flight Attendant, Worldwide

Following my College and University courses, I’m now working as a flight attendant at British Airways! It’s fantastic, I love it! I finished my training in December 2014 and my first month’s roster didn't disappoint... My flights were Tokyo, Japan; Lagos, Nigeria; Tel Aviv, Israel; Chicago, USA and Miami, USA twice.
After my course I did some full time work and saved up. I then went on to Bolton University to study International Tourism and Hospitality Management. After uni I went to Australia and spent a year travelling around in a campervan. It was an amazing experience. 
In 2014 I applied for BA and got through following my interview. I started my 6 week BA training in November, completed in December and started full time in January. 
The best bits of the course were the opportunities it gave me. There was so much I learned about the travel industry and I got to go on some fantastic trips. I think aircraft simulation trip was my favourite.  
I chose Preparation for Air Cabin Crew because it was the right course to start me on my chosen career path and it I knew it would provide me valuable experience that would aid my progression.
I chose LMC because I’d heard really good things, and it was close to where I live. I was really impressed with all the facilities the College had. My friend told me that there was a gym, restaurant and hair and beauty salons. It was great that they were all right there and they’re all so inexpensive, especially with student discount. 
I’d definitely recommend the College and the course. It’s a great place to start if you want a career in aviation. Work hard and you’ll go far… Aim for BA - it’s the best of the best!
There’s lots of progression opportunities available so don’t miss out. I wouldn’t be where I am right now, in my dream job travelling the world, if it weren’t for the Preparation for Air Cabin Crew course at LMC. 

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