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Aaron Barnett

Commis Chef Apprentice

I’ve learnt so many skills since the start of my apprenticeship, so many skills that I couldn’t have learnt on my own.

Aaron Barnett works as a Commis Chef Apprentice at Buccelli’s Italian Deli in Lancaster, and confesses to having no prior knowledge of cooking other than in his home kitchen before starting his Apprenticeship.

Luckily for Aaron, the Apprenticeship includes elements of on-the-job and off-the-job training, leading to an industry recognised Level 2 qualification. As a Commis Chef, he carries out the prep-work and cooking under the supervision of Buccelli’s owner, Bruno Buccelli. 

When discussing the Apprenticeship Scheme offered by Lancaster and Morecambe College, Bruno said:

It’s affordable for the owners, and at the same time gives someone the opportunity to learn the job. On top of that you can teach the new apprentice how to work in your environment and at the end of it, you have a qualified & experienced staff member. 

Aaron has been learning not just the professional skill required to work in a kitchen, but also Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza and sauces. Working in an Italian restaurant has inspired Aaron to learn the Italian language, and he hopes to work as a chef in Italy after his Apprenticeship comes to an end. 

The mutual benefits of an Apprenticeship in the catering industry include the networking opportunities for both the employer and the learner; the learner is working in an environment surrounded by professional chefs, and Bruno is able to network at regular masterclasses held at the College. 

The support from the scheme has been great, as it has created other opportunities for our business. I have hosted a masterclass in College for the students, enabling them to learn new skills, but also my business benefits because it’s great promotion for our restaurant.

Lancaster & Morecambe College has a key role to play in providing off-the-job training, assessing progress towards achieving their qualifications and supporting the Apprentice generally during their Apprenticeship, working very closely with the employer.