DatesDaysTimes  Cost  
02/05/19 Thursday 09:30-16:00 £100
20/06/19 Thursday 09:30-16:00 £100

General Information

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet application designed to save you time and make easy work of calculating, displaying and sharing data.

This Advanced Excel workshop will introduce you to some of Microsoft Excel's more powerful features and functions.

What does the course involve?

In this workshop we will start to build on the Microsoft Excel skills you already use each day with the introduction of advanced spreadsheet techniques.

Topics covered include:
• Editing data
• Displaying data
• Sharing, comparing and merging worksheets
• Password and security
• Sorting
• Filtering
• Validating with Microsoft Excel
• Linking and embedding
• Hyperlinks
• Using advanced functions
• Using macros
• Pivot tables
• Scenarios
• Auditing

Course Information Sheet

Download it here

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